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Nowadays, in order to increase the profitability of your business, despite being creative and efficient, you need to have a good and potential workforce. Effective management practices have an important role in today’s business. If you want to increase productivity, you should first develop motivated employees, and this by implementing some strategies such as empowering your employees, redesigning jobs, flexibility and recognition.




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            Today’s employees esteem personal time. In light of family needs, a habitual nine?to?five workday may not work for some individuals. Along these lines, flextime, which allows employees to set and control their own work hours, is one way that organizations are accommodating their employee’s needs.

Flexibility involves:

·      compressed workweek :

§  a type of strategic scheduling that permits a full?time job to be finished in less than the standard 40?hour, five?day weeks’ worth of work. Its most basic formis the 4/40 plan, which gives workers three days off every week. This timetable advantages the person through more recreation time and lower driving expenses. The organization should profit through lower absenteeism and enhanced accomplishment. Obviously, the threat in this sort of planning is the likelihood of increased weakness.

·      Job sharing or twinning :

§  It happens when one full?time work is part between at least two people. Job sharing regularly includes every individual working one?half day, yet it should likewise be possible on week by week or month to month sharing arrangements.  When job can be part and shared, companies can profit by employing skilled workers who might somehow be not able to work full?time. Example of a qualified employee who is also a parent may not want to be in the office for a full day but may be willing to work a half?day.


o   Telecommuting :

§  Working from home, now and then called flexiplace, is a work arrangement of action that permits no less than a couple of booked work hours to be finished outside of the workplace, with work?at?home as one of the choices. Working from home or telecommuting liberates the jobholder from expecting to work settled hours. Home workers often prove increased productivity, report fewer distractions, appreciate the freedom to be their own boss, and enjoy the benefit of having more time for themselves.

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