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Nowadays, stress can be found in every corner in the world.

Stress can provide extra energy to people for example, a marathon runner needs stress in a marathon competition so that he or she can win in the competition and this is called eustress. Eustress are stress that is healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfilment. Unfortunately, if we did not manage stress effectively, it can be harmful.

Stress could make a person feel under pressure to archive something. In Malaysia, stress not only happen in the school, college or university, it also happens in the workplace. “70 per cent of Malaysian workers experienced an increase in stress-related illnesses” (Theborneopostcom, 2013). As a Sunway College student, I realized that a lot of people around me are facing stress.

This does not only mean students that I see, it includes lecturers too. For the students, normally stress happens when they have a lot of homework to do and revise and also there might be conflict between friends. And for lecturers, they will be stressed when they need to deal with the students. As we can see, stress happens in every corner around the world.             Past research done by Haider (2017) to determine the levels of stress and academic performance among medical students. The result indicates that females in the study demonstrated more stress as compared to male students.

The past research also indicates that there is greater anxiety, changes in physiological states and increased emotional response to stress in female students as compared to male students. This study is very important as nowadays people cannot manage their stress well. Stress can help to increase cardiovascular disease and anxiety disorders and this stress is called distress. Hence, the effective ways to manage stress should be taught to everyone in the world. Furthermore, stress can be differentiating into various type such as acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress.

The level of stress can also affect one’s academic performance. For example, a person in a very stressful situation cannot perform well as compared to those people who can manage their stress well.              Nowadays, stress has become an important issue in the research studies topic in the academic circle as well as in the society because many people cannot manage their stress well and at last some of them committed suicide. Hence, the main purpose of this research was to examine the gender differences in stressors and their academic performance. Specifically, this study aimed to answer the following research questions: (1) What are the significant differences in the reactions to stressors between male and female? (2) How stress affects the academic performance between male and female?

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