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`Norah Vogt Brettingen, Coco Gutzke, Kai Chaffin, Elijah Spraggins, and Carter Degen Ms BaileyYear 2 Language and LiteratureG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  18 December 2017Introduction ParagraphBen Mikaelsen writes a great story. It is about how an island, near-death experience, and a mysterious bear, changes the perspective of the life on a juvenile delinquent. Will Cole survive the adventures and challenges he goes through? How will it change him forever? After time on the Island, Cole changes socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in the book Touching Spirit Bear, here is how.Spiritual ParagraphCole changes a lot spiritually throughout the book, he goes from not believing in anything, to believing in a lot. In the beginning of the book, Cole didn’t have any spiritual beliefs, he says that “He did not need anyone’s help”(pg 19) In this quote Cole Says that he doesn’t need anyone’s help, it means that he also doesn’t need any help from a god or anything spiritual. Then towards the middle of the book, Cole has a near-death experience and he realizes a lot of things (and starts believing in them). He asks himself if he was “no better than a tree or some weed”(pg 83) In these quotes he realizes he’s not better than everyone else, and he believes that everyone is equal. Finally, when Cole is almost all healed, near the end of the book he believes in a lot of things. He believes that “what you believe in – that’s what’s important (pg 238) He also realizes that he is “not a bad person. Nobody is”(pg 168) Cole believes that what you believe in is important and it implies he believes in something too, He also believes nobody is a bad person. In conclusion, Cole changed a lot spiritually since the beginning of the book, He also changed emotionally, socially, mentally, and physical.Emotional ParagraphCole has changed emotionally throughout this book because he does not get mad as fast as he did before, and he treats his life with more respect. In the beginning of touching spirit bear, when Cole found out about what happened to Peter. Coles reaction was “serves him right” (8). This shows that Cole doesn’t care about what happened to Peter and is glad that he suffered. He believes that he deserved what happened to him. When Cole is attacked by the spirit bear he looked at a nest filled with baby birds before a big storm, but after the storm, the baby birds were gone. Cole wanted to check on the birds, “Mustering all his strength, he raised his head, and with a weak pinched voice he called into the darkened branches,  ‘are you okay'”(79). This shows that Cole cared about the birds and he mustered all his strength to just check if the baby birds were okay. After Cole got attacked by the spirit bear and was somewhat healed Cole was truly sorry for what he had done to Peter. Cole explains himself “‘I screwed up, and I’m doing the best I can out here on this island. But it won’t be enough, will it? I can’t ever change what I did to Peter!'”(207). This shows that Cole cares about what happened to Peter because he admits that “‘i screwed up'”(207). You can infer that if he could he would go back and change things because he said that he can’t ever change things. In conclusion, Cole not only improves emotionally he also grows mentally.Physical Paragraph Cole changes Physically from being strong and healthy to being damaged by an accident. In the beginning of the book Cole was abused by his dad and his mom did nothing about it and because of that experience he doesn’t like being touched by anyone he thinks they will try to harm him also when ” Garvey placed a hand on Cole’s shoulder, Cole feels a rush of anger and jerks away”. Proving that he doesn’t like being touched by anyone. Then he acts reckless and almost kills Peter because Peter told on Cole because Cole broke into a store and Cole told everyone about it and Cole was banished for almost killing him. He gets banished on for almost a year as the judge said to cole how long he might be on the island “perhaps a year” (pg 56) an island and when he gets there Garvey and Edwin help build a cabin but out of anger sets it on fire after Garvey and Edwin leave. He also out of rage try to swim away from the island but the tide is too strong and too cold. Finally, after a while, he meets the bear and tries to attack it and get nearly killed by the foolish act. While being almost killed Cole gets ahold of a piece of bear fur and after being healed he throws it in the ocean. From these experiences, he has reflected and learned from the mistakes and the things Mental  Cole changes mentally from getting angry at everything, beating people up and robbing hardware stores to helping people and forgiving them and losing his anger.In the beginning, Cole had anger issues and got mad at everything, including his parents when they didn’t bail him out of jail when he beat up Peter Driscal. He snitched on Cole about robbing the hardware store. “Cole couldn’t believe his parents were letting this happen to him”(9) Then Cole gets sent to Circle Justice which wanted to help Cole to heal.They wanted to send him to survive on an island for a year. Cole only said yes to skip going to jail.” The world was made up of suckers and fools and today Garvey was on the top of the heap”(13). Cole thought as Garvey told him it would reduce or take away his jail sentence.  Finally after a couple of days on the island Cole gets mauled by a giant white bear called a Spirit Bear, because he tried to kill it. After the mauling Cole couldn’t move. His ribs, pelvis arm were all broken. The next day as Cole was laying there in an almost lifeless heap, when the Spirit Bear came right up to him and stood over him. “Cole blinked and took a breath”(96).  Cole weakly reached up and touched it, Cole suddenly felt the world was indeed beautiful and wondered how much beauty he had destroyed. Cole was rescued later that day by Garvey and Edwin, who were dropping off supplies, It took six months for Cole to heal and rehab. Later Cole went back to the island for a year again which helped him to lose his anger.SocialIn the beginning, Cole was very popular and ever since Cole beat up Peter people where more afraid of Cole and when Cole said to Garvey “I’m no Indian”(10). In that rude way, Cole always tries to fight with people all the time and that’s feeding the bad wolf inside him at that moment. Then when Cole is on the island with Edwin he changes socially because Cole experiences anger, happiness in the moving rock scene Edwin tells Cole “the rock is your ancestors”(150).Animals and the forces of nature strongly influence Cole’s experience of healing during his time on the island.Cole also. Learns who to reduce the amount of anger he takes out on others. Tlingit Indian traditions, particularly as explored through the character of Garveys, form a central part of Cole’s healing. After Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear, several chapters follow in which he is immobilized on the ground, and yet these are some of the most symbolic for cole changing socially he learns what it is like to be made fun of and have a disability and learns how bad it feels to be made fun of for a disability. ConclusionCole changes mentally ,physically ,emotionally ,spiritually and socially, throughout touching spirit bear. His near-death experience gave him a new perspective which changed him forever. His family has also changed from being selfish to at least caring. After his time on the island he became friends with Peter, and invited him to the island. This changed Peter and it gave him a way to release his anger by beating up Cole. They worked it out and became anger control.

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