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Nirbhaya Gang Rape

This rape case was actually a national story but it in very short time
it became global story. This rape took place on 16 December 2012 at 8:30pm, this
gang-rape was the most disgusting yet most emotional gang-rape ever happened in
India.  I will briefly write out what
actually happened in this gang-rape. On the day of the rape, the victim
Nirbhaya and her friend finish viewing a movie and was waiting for the public
transport to go home, while waiting for the public transport a bus with tinted glasses
stop, Nirbhaya and her friend were persuaded by young boy to board this bus.

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This boy was identified as the juvenile rapist. Nirbhaya is then violated assaulted
and raped by six men; her friend who tried to help her and defeated her was
beaten up. Nirbhaya was thrown out of the bus naked after raping her and by
brutally beaten. By 11:30p.m. Police Control Room (PCR) van picks up the naked
body of Nirbhaya and that of her friend from the road. During this course of
past hour and a half, people knew Nirbhaya life comes to an end. Eventually her
life too comes to an end. The government had arrested the six rapist, and given
the punishment the five Adult defendants were given death sentenced on 13th
March 2014, whereas one of the defendant has hanged himself in Tihar Jail. The
sixth defendant who was under 18, was given sentence for 3 years in

By reading the whole story of the justice of Nirbhaya, it’s sad to know
that India’s court takes years to give justice to people, and not to forget
that Nirbhaya’s case was on fast-track, but it still took a year and half to
punish the rapist. 

It is possible that Nirbhaya may have survived but a possibility came to
mind that she may have been left ‘in a vegetative state’.         




Gudiya’ – the rape of 5-year old girl


This rape had happened just after few months after Nirbhaya Gang-Rape.

Gudiya meaning doll in Hindi. This little doll who didn’t knew anything about
the world was raped repeatedly by two men. This little doll was kidnapped from
a residential area in East Delhi, she was kept in the room and rape repeatedly
by two men. The two men have also inserted foreign objects into her body, which
produced infection in her small body, but it was ultimately treated at the


Gudiya’s was a case which has highlighted how unsafe young children have
become in a city like New Delhi, even though there were instances of similar
sexual offences commited across the country.

While Gudiya was fighting herself in hospital, her doctor Dr R.K.Bansal,
quoted saying: “It was an hour-long surgery, the surgeons took out three pieces
of candles and a 200ml plastic hair-oil bottle from inside her on 18th
April. These objects were possibly inserted into her vagina and triggered the
infection inside her abdomen.”


year old gang raped girl tried to commit suicide


A 13-Year-old girl who has tried to commit suicide three times after
being gang raped by eight mens. A young, fragile looking girl pitted against
eight adult men. This girl is still recovering from the trauma at AIIMS. The
counsellor has said that she had been getting repeated nightmares and been
unable to rest. The first time she tried to commit suicide was when she learnt
about gudiya’s brutal rape. This girl suffered the greatest agony herself but
her faith in humanity and life itself broke down when she heard what had
happened to a child younger than her!  

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