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NIKON D3400 REVIEWTh? Nikon D3400 i? th? Nikon’s entry-level model, whi?h i? designed t? g?t th??? wh? ?r? n?w t? DSLR photography ?n th? bandwagon – ?nd in theory, t? potentially make th?m customers f?r life. It’s th? m??t basic DSLR in Nikon’s range, but includes ?ll th? features you’d expect ?f a camera ?u?h ?? this. Namely, full manual control, raw format shooting ?nd ?ll ?f th? styling ?f a traditional camera. Th? Nikon D3400 i? th? b??t entry-level DSLR ??u ??n buy right now. It’? n?t perfect, but wh?t it d??? do, it d??? v?r? well. Featuring a beautifully compact body, a solid AF system, huge battery life ?nd v?r? good image quality, th? D3400 i? ?l?? incredibly easy t? u?? f?r th? fir?t tim? user. Th? Nikon D3400 delivers th? image quality ?nd speed th?t a first-time DSLR buyer ?h?uld expect. Also, it h?? a lot ?f th? small annoyances fr?m previous models remain, including tiny autofocus points in th? viewfinder ?nd a non-persistent self-timer mode. Plus, it? Bluetooth-only wireless solution i?n’t v?r? good. But in all, it h?? a v?r? good photo quality f?r it? class ?lu? performance fast ?n?ugh t? capture kids ?nd pets make th? Nikon D3400 A solid choice f?r a fir?t DSLR. F?r beginning DSLR shooters th? elimination ?f th? external mic port (if video i? important t? you) and, m?r? notably, th? Ultrasonic Sensor Cleaning fr?m th? D3400 i? ??m?thing t? d?finit?l? k??? in mind wh?n deciding whi?h camera t? purchase. Th? camera i? built ?r?und th? ??m? 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor found in it? predecessor ?l?ng with ?n ‘EXPEED 4’ image processor, Full HD video capture ?nd ?n 11-point autofocus system. Unfortunately, th? camera d???n’t h?v? Wi-Fi, but it d??? h?v? Bluetooth LE connectivity f?r transferring images fr?m th? camera t? a smart phone vi? th? ‘SnapBridge’ app. Th? automatic white balance i?n’t great: It displayed a purple cast und?r ?ur LED test lights ?nd a moderate cyan cast in r??l daylight, ?? photos l??k a bit t?? cool. But und?r m??t circumstances, ??u w?n’t r??ll? notice it if ??u’r? n?t hypersensitive t? color accuracy ?r comparing t? a m?r? accurate camera. Thi? type ?f issue i?n’t unusual, though. Y?u ?l?? ??n’t g?t significantly b?tt?r noise-reduction results b? processing th? raw files; th? JPEG processing i? pretty good. However, ??u ??n recover a bit ?f highlight detail in higher ISO-sensitivity shots, boost underexposures f?r l?w ISO-sensitivity photos ?nd fix th? aforementioned white balance issues in raw. Th? D3400 ?l?? offers significantly improved battery performance ?v?r it? predecessor, with Nikon claiming th?t th? camera i? ?bl? t? record u? t? 1,200 images ?n a full charge, compared t? 700 images ?n th? D3300. On th? flipside, th? pop-up flash h?? a lower guide number th?n it? predecessor (GN 7m @ ISO 100 compared t? GN12), ?nd th? external microphone port h?? ?been removed. D???it? th? two-year gap b?tw??n th? D3400 ?nd D3300, th?r? doesn’t initially ?????r t? b? ?ll th?t mu?h t? separate them, ?t l???t n?t in terms ?f th?ir key specs. In terms ?f th? b?d? design, th? D3400 i? a tiny bit smaller th?n th? D3300 ?nd h?? a mu?h longer battery life. Th? D3400 i? rated t? ?r?vid? 1,200 shots ??r charge, u? fr?m it? predecessor’s 700. Giv?n th?t battery life ?n m?n? m?r? affordable interchangeable-lens compact cameras i? limited t? ?r?und 400 shots, thi? might b? a good argument f?r a camera with a mirror ?nd ?n optical viewfinder in?t??d ?f a power-draining electronic viewfinder. Th? D3400 doesn’t h?v? lots ?f dedicated control buttons, leaving limited opportunity f?r customization, but th?t ??m?? with th? entry-level camera territory. A? standard, ??u buy th? D3400 with th? 18-55mm kit lens. Thi? i? a retractable design, ?? it folds u? a littl? smaller wh?n n?t in u?? th?n wh?n in it? full? extended state. Alth?ugh thi? means th? camera will t?k? u? l??? room in ??ur kit bag, ??u h?v? th? added faff ?f extending th? lens b?f?r? ??u ??n u?? it. There’s a decent array ?f dials ?nd buttons, ?lth?ugh n?t ?uit? ?? m?n? ?? you’d find ?n a m?r? advanced camera. On th? top ?f th? camera i? a large mode dial, whi?h features plenty ?f options th?t a beginner i? lik?l? t? w?nt t? use. Th? camera b?d? it??lf i? m?inl? plastic, but whil? th? D3400 ??rt?inl? d???n’t feel ?? robust ?? ??m? ?f th? company’s higher ????ifi?d models, it ?till exudes a degree ?f quality ??u might n?t expect ?t thi? price point. Thi? i? helped b? th? surprisingly classy rubber coating ?n th? grip, whi?h ?l?? appears ?n th? thumb rest ?n th? back ?f th? camera. Th? Nikon D3400’s b?d? i? ?lm??t identical t? it? predecessor in terms ?f th? ?v?r?ll dimensions ?nd weight, with ?ll ?f th? external controls in pretty mu?h th? ??m? places ?? before. Th? Nikon D3400 shares th? ?x??t dimensions ?? it? predecessor ?t 445 grams, it i? lighter. Th? plastic b?d? i? w?ll put-together ?nd th? camera h?? a reassuring grip wh?n ??u hold it. Button layout i? ?l?? th? ??m? ?? ?n th? previous model. At th? back, ??u g?t a column ?f buttons t? th? left ?f th? display f?r th? menu, playback, image magnification, ?nd quick access t? settings during shooting. Th? right ?f th? display h?? buttons f?r live view, deleting files, switching b?tw??n drive modes, ?nd navigation. PROS • Compact ?nd lightweight.• V?r? good ISO performance. • Bluetooth f?r file transfers.• Improved battery life.• Traditional DSLR styling ?nd controls.• Snapbridge.• L?ng battery life. • Simple t? u??.• Good single-shot AF performance. • V?r? compact ?nd quiet kit lens.• Extremely high image performance. • Small ?nd light — ?? small ?nd light ?? a mirrorless f?r a lot l??? money with ?v?n b?tt?r performance.C?N? • Onl? a minor refresh ?f th? D3300.• N? Wi-Fi.• Display washes ?ut und?r direct sunlight. • Fixed non-touch-sensitive screen.• N? Wi-Fi.• N? 4K video.• Optical viewfinder d???n’t offer 100% coverage. • Poor connectivity options.• N? microphone port.

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