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Newcastle United is a club in turmoil. With everyone
involved with the club showing their discontent with Mike Ashley. He acquired
100% shares of the club in July 2007. Paying around £134 million for a club
with unbreakable foundations in the city. In the second season of Ashley’s
tenure (2008-09 Season) Newcastle United were relegated for the first time
since joining England’s top division. In the 09-10 season Newcastle bounced
back up to the premier league at the first time of asking and had some form of
‘success’ reaching the Europa league semi-finals, however the campaign in
Europe drained the team, leading to a difficult season at home narrowly
avoiding relegation. After Newcastle slugged it out at the lower end of the
premier league until there efforts met a dead end. They were relegated a second
time due to the lack of Ashley’s investment.

World known manager Rafa Benitez took over Newcastle as
manager just prior to there certain fate. After once again dominating the
Championship Newcastle secured their Premier league status in style by winning
the league. After yet another transfer window with no investment. Mike Ashley
rarely braves the media, however the lack of progression within the team forced
Ashley’s hand. Admitting he could not afford to keep up with the growing
financial demands of the prestigious league.

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Mid October Newcastle united was put up for sale for a
second time since Ashley took over. With an initial asking price of £350
million. Newcastle fans were filled with joy to hear the news at the prospect of
the money grabbing cockney finally leaving their club. With interest of purchasing
the club expressed by multiple candidates. One brought the most attention after
Amanda Staveley, the Yorkshire born business woman, placed a £250 million bid. After
the long gruelling three months of stale mate, Mike Ashley walked away from
talks as Amanda refused to match his £300 million asking price. With tensions
between the Newcastle fan favourite, Rafa Benitez and greedy business man Mike
Ashley growing ever higher, fans are left wondering if their club, which is in
the centre of their hearts and the centre of the city, will have what it takes
to once again defy odds, and survive yet another hard-fought campaign to retain
their Premier league status? Or will they join the heap of once great North
East Premier league clubs? 

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