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Science has been the field of my interest for many years. The difficult
political situation in my native country boosted my involvement in this sphere
since I intend to gain necessary knowledge in order to return and start working
in Kuwait, aiming at regulating and properly managing its political sphere. In
addition, my major purpose is innovating Kuwait mainly by fixing and improving
the work of its political Institutions. Moreover, I am interested in gaining
the significant research experience. In this term, studying and doing research
emerge two aspects that I have decided to practice, implement, advance, and
improve. Furthermore, I would like to examine and analyze the experience of the
large number of countries on their way of establishment of the progressive
developed countries, taking into account the aspects of the political growth
and reinforcement, which boost the status of the country on the global arena. Thus,
the compilation of the theoretical basis of the political growth in Kuwait will
be the focus of my further work in academic sphere that is supported with my
long and intention to continue studying and attaining the Doctor of Philosophy.
Meanwhile, the design of the practical methods and techniques and the
implementation of theoretical knowledge may facilitate the rapid adoption of
the innovative programs and approaches aimed at the improvement and correction
of the current political system.  In
order to accomplish this goal, I am applying to tackle the Master’s degree in
Political Science under the Field of Political Economy. With regard to this
fact, I have successfully accomplished the course of the Bachelor’s curriculum
after studying and incorporating the history of the old and modern political
systems, public affairs, public administration, international relations, and
governmental policies and procedures. Attaining the sufficient amount of the
necessary theoretical knowledge as well as gained practice in solving diverse
case studies, regarding the large number of various political issues, enables
to efficiently continue the academic advancement in this field.

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the choice of the university has appeared as one of the most significant
because it signifies the further course of my personal development and success.
Among the large number of the educational establishments, it was difficult to
select the one that corresponds to my current knowledge and future ambitions. In
this term, the New York University is not a random choice. In essence, the
university has attracted my attention because of several reasons. Primarily, it
is an institution with the old history rooted back in the 1830s when the
university was established. In spite of the large number of the universities
and colleges, which varies within more than 3,000 establishments, the New York
University is a member of the distinguished Association of American
Universities. Secondly, it is one of the largest and most honorable educational
institutions in the entire country. Additionally, it welcomes thousands of
students from all around the world. For this reason, it allows me to understand
that the course is adapted to the international students’ abilities as well as
the respect to the foreign culture and traditions. Consequently, I believe that
the learning opportunities presented in classrooms similar to those provided
during the diverse conferences or meetings will induce work even harder on the
chosen subject, discovering the potential with the help of the chance to obtain
new knowledge and promote personal ideas in academic sphere while constantly
interacting with international students and professors.

Finally yet
importantly, the combination of the knowledge gained from other disciplines
accompanied with the cultures and traditions is the factor, which makes
Political Science interesting and multi-faceted. Furthermore, I regard myself a
diligent and highly motivated person because I am responsible for my actions
and accept studying process as my direct obligation. Moreover, the reason that
I constantly accomplish the set assignments elaborately, and the fact that I
have not failed any exams, confirms my eagerness to obtain the degree in the New
York University. I am convinced to be able work hard the  with great dedication. The accomplishment of
my goals was possible because of the individual engagement in the process as
well as the collaboration with my mates enable to boost and reinforce existing
knowledge and practices and deepen insight in political science.

continuing my education in the field of the Political Science at the New York
University emerges an immense opportunity, which I intend to rapidly grab and completely
use. I believe that I will be able to get engaged in plenty of activities,
which will discover the hidden potential, to face the challenges worthy, and
discover the new skills and abilities as well as share my own experience with
other teachers and mates. Thus, my successful academic performance combined
with the intention to enrich the current knowledge may be in use when studying
in the New York University. I am certain to be valuable in the courses of the
Master’s degree program. I truly expect to be given a chance to continue my
education in the New York university because I can easily meet and exceed all

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