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NEED FOR CONSTITUTION- The Cultural Heritage of
the Vulcan Society lies in its principles of logic and discipline. Unfortunately,
the recent destruction of the Vulcan planet has not only led to the extinction
of the Vulcanians but along with that the rich culture too. Surely, time will
one day heal all the personal sufferings but what’s our duty today is to join
hands for a strong foundation, to revive the almost vanished Vulcan Society and


The need of the hour is formation of such a Constitution
which will not only help in rehabilitation of the Vulcan Society and its
rich culture but also guide the coming Generations for the formation of a healthy
and ideal society (also referred as UTOPIAN Society). However, the UTOPIAN
Society till date is restricted to fairy tales and our imaginations only, but
Vulcan discipline and philosophy accompanied with a proper roadmap i.e. Constitution
forces us to make a belief that one day it will surely come true on New Vulcan.

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The proposed constitution is based both on
CONSERVATISM and MULTICULTURISM. Just as the strength of a giant
tree lies in its roots and stem, similarly a society can’t develop without
conserving its own culture and strong foundation principles. But that doesn’t
deny the need for MULTICULTURISM which is essential for diversifying the
knowledge and experiences of everyday life. Creativity, innovations, prosperity
can’t be imagined in a strictly homogenous society. Even Nature, Planets,
seasons have to change with time and thus society should never hesitate to
logically adopt diverse Cultures and abolish irrelevant ones unless it doesn’t affect
the founding principles of the establishment of an UTOPIAN society.


The proposed Constitution strongly believes in
philosophy of RATIONALISM and INTELLECTUALISM as per the ancient
Vulcan culture considering Logic superior to emotions. As faced several times
in history, even the greatest of societies fall whenever there is centralization
of resources and power to a particular section. Centralisation can directly be
linked to misuse and mismanagement. There will be no place for unnecessary
desires and ambitions of a section of society rather focus will be on essential,
logical and sustainable use of resources over desires and ambitions.
Logics will be driving source for all kinds of laws and policies and thus help
to develop society at a faster rate.


This proposed Constitution is strictly based on
PACIFISM and Surak’s philosophy. War irrespective of its roots
always lead to destruction and sometimes extinction too of both winning and
losing side. Wars are threat to development, culture and against the ideals of
establishment of an UTOPIAN Society. Even in unfavourable conditions
the Constitution recommends to choose War only as an Ultimate option.

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