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need to release
their frustrations and refer Yaram Arts website in their review/comments. This
will also cause damage to Yaram Arts reputation and affect its performance because
they are being criticized.

Another type of
e-commerce Yaram Arts uses is social networking. The main reasons why social
networks are used by Yaram arts is for promotions. The social networks Yaram
Arts currently use are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (see Appendix E). Yaram
Arts are most interactive on their twitter page. The use of this e-commerce is
beneficial to Yaram Arts because it increases brand awareness and it also
publicizes their events. Social networking increases brand awareness because
when Yaram upload or interact on social media it makes it easier for customers
to find and connect with them. When Yaram Arts connects with their customers on
social media they are more likely to increase brand loyalty meaning their
customers are also more likely to attend their events. A study by The Social
Habit shows that “53 percent of people who follow companies on social media are
more loyal to those companies”.                                                                                                                                                   On
the other hand, there are also some negative effects social networking can
cause for Yaram Arts, one is time consumption. This is because it takes a lot
of time and effort to maintain a successful social media presence.  A successful social media account relies on
the interaction between a company and its customers. This means Yaram Arts must
set aside time each day to post appealing information, produce new content and
respond to feedback their costumers leave. As it can be damaging to their
reputation, if customers are leaving questions, but they are not

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The last type of
e-commerce Yaram Arts currently uses is online shopping. The only place you can
purchase products of Yaram arts online is on their Facebook shop, where they
sell their DVDS and Tickets for events (see Appendix C). However, it seems
their Facebook shop is not updated regularly. When I visited their shop, I found
that both of the products currently advertised was outdated. The tickets
currently marketed were for an event that was on the 09th of January
2012. This means the ticket is 5years old and yet it is still being shown on
the shop. Also, The DVDS on their shop are for an event in 2011. This has an effect
on yaram arts business performance because they’re not being 

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