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National Parks are protected spaces for nature that help conserve the natural world. In 2016, the National Park Service celebrated 100 years of the preservation and conservation of our nation’s parks, monuments, and historical sites. From the Grand Canyon to Ellis Island, the various places that the National Park Service protects reveals America’s astounding story. These sanctuaries have an important role in society and can be very beneficial to Americans in different ways. Presently, the federal government has proposed significant budget cuts to the National Park Service. These funding cuts have seriously hurt national parks. Investing in the National Park Service should be a priority in our nation because it provides natural world knowledge, historical information, and a boost in overall health to Americans.The National Park Service is a great place for people to understand the natural world. One can go out exploring and view the natural beauty that national parks provide. Also, one can learn about the native plants and animals that exist in the park. In the article “Americans Think National Parks Are Worth Way More than We Spend on Them”, Harvard graduate Linda J. Bilmes and Professor John Loomis explain, “One surprising finding is that the public cares a lot about programs that the National Park Service runs, such as teaching kids about nature, developing teacher curriculum materials and interpreting historical events” (Bilmes and Loomis). A specific program that offers educational efforts to the public is one called “Every Kid in A Park”. This program aims to bring every fourth grader in the United States to a national park to teach them about the importance of nature. The National Park Service is trying to teach the public about the conservation of nature to make sure that the next generation of Americans feels connected to the parks and to nature.National Parks are alive with history and culture. From ancient rock-art sites to the buildings left over from early European settlements, our national parks serve as a natural history book dating back thousands of years. Katy Steinmetz article “A Monumental Flight” argues, “To many supporters, national monuments preserve the nation’s most important -and potentially threatened- places as public lands, ensuring that they can be used for scientific exploration, historical research and recreation” (32). The National Park Service conserves these historical structures to give one a better idea of how people lived in the past. There are many different structures that are preserved which allow people to learn from the past and continue building for the future. The National Park Service protects these vital places because they show America’s diverse cultural heritage. National parks also tell America’s story and provide an opportunity for people to establish a cultural connection with the land.Natural areas have a strong effect on our physical and emotional health. They give people space and an opportunity for healthy activity and recreation in the open air. These parks can have a profound impact in increasing one’s overall health. National parks allow people to take time out from a busy life and just enjoy nature. Also, when outdoors, one is motivated to participate in physical activities, such as hiking and swimming. This can help manage physical fitness and reduce stress. It is important to invest and conserve places where the natural environment is intact, so that people can slow down, enjoy nature, and get some exercise by walking, running, or riding bikes. Many national parks in the United States have also created trail systems that offer vast routes for exploration on foot. People benefit from the chance to relax and combat the stress of a busy life.Financing the National Park Service should be a major priority in our nation. National Parks have a very important role in society. The National Park Service shows off our nation’s best natural and cultural heritage such as the iconic scenery and the stunning historical sites. National parks also have a beneficial impact on boosting one’s health. Together we should invest and protect the National Park Service because it forms the basis of our national culture and social well-being.

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