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Narrator- Kaitlyn GomolchakCharley  (The person that protects the id)- Sencerre BrownYadier- (id thief) Brady BeckerPerson on phone/Cameraman- Ricardo Antunez(Yadier and Charleyyy are sitting at a table together)Charleyyy:I’m gonna go get some coffee. Can you watch my laptop please?Yadier: Sure.Charleyyy:(walks away)Narrator: Charleyyy is in for a big surprise when he gets back!Yadier:(typing away furiously on Charly’s laptop)Yadier:(puts flash drive into Charly’s laptop an downloads all of his private information)Charley: (walks back into frame) hey you didn’t mess around on my laptop did you… Im just kidding you seem like a trustworthy guyNarrator: Little did Charleyyy know but Yadier is actually a thief and stole some information.Charleyyy: (Looks at laptop and just shrugs and gets back to work.)                                       The Next DayNarrator: Charleyyy walks to his laptop in his office.Charleyyy: Their is something wrong with my laptop.(phone rings)Person on Phone: Hi! Is this Charleyyy  Franz?Charleyyy:Yes?Person on phone: Ok we just got a notification saying that Your SSN was just used to get a new debit card and  a flat screen was purchased with it under your account. Was It you?Charleyyy: no. OMG I know who did though! Person on phone: who was it?Charleyyy: A person named Yadier…Person on phone: How do you know this? How did he do it?Charleyyy: He was the only one around this laptop at the time.Person on phone: What were you doing at the time?Charleyyy: well I was sitting at a table with him at starbucks working and I got up to get some coffee and told him to watch my laptop and when I got back I saw him holding a flash drive….. That is the only time it could have happened!Person on phone: ok keep on going to that coffee shop and if he comes back invite him to your house for some coffee your treat the next day in the morning.Yadier:(Comes to the coffee shop)Charleyyy: (asks Yadier) Why don’t you come to my house for coffee.Narrator: Little does Yadier know that Charleyyy knows what he does and going to make him pay…Yadier: Sure! I would love to! (Yadier comes to Charleyyy’s house.)Charleyyy says: Confess that you stole my information.Yadier: Fine I confess.Narrator: Than Yadier pays for the information and they are still friends to this day.

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