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Name: Xie Wenjia (31)Class: 4 WisdomGreater Age comes with Greater ResponsibilityWhat does growing older mean to you? Is it getting more mature? Is it getting more forgetful? I feel that as we grow older, responsibilities start to push its way towards us. Growing older means that we have to take on more responsibilities.As we grow older, we have to be responsible for ourselves and our lives. We have the abilities to make our own decisions and guide the direction that we want to go to at this stage. As Denis Waitley said,”A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.”Therefore, we have to be responsible for making any choices in life and make no excuses. Making excuses instead of taking hundred percent responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your goals are the hallmark of people who fail to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Your decisions matter, hence, be responsible and take charge of your life.As we grow older, we are also responsible for taking care of our families. When we were young, our parents took care of us. However, at this stage, we are no longer the innocent children waiting for our parents to feed us. Hence, it is our turn to help our parents out. In the Chinese culture, filial piety is one of the core value in Confucian philosophy. Filial piety is a general attitude of offering love, respect, and support to our parents and other elders in the family, such as our grandparents. According to a survey on social attitudes of Singaporeans, many Singaporeans want to get married, have children and feel a strong sense of filial piety. This shows that in the Asian country,  Chinese cultures and values are still significant. Therefore, we should be responsible for taking care of our parents and show filial piety towards them. Lastly, as the saying goes “One year older, one year wiser”. As we grow older, we have greater abilities and capabilities. Along the way, we may take up some leadership roles or positions. These roles and positions grant us power. We have the power to influence others and individuals may look up to us. We are now the role models. It is important for role models to be positive and responsible in instilling good morals and values. If we do not mind our actions and words, we may influence others in a negative way. Paris Hilton, an American businesswoman. She lives a fascinating and alluring lifestyle, yet she was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of her, many young girls may get influenced and believe that drinking and driving are fine. This is an example of a negative influence. Hence, when we are holding certain roles and positions, we have to be responsible for our actions and words so as to bring positive impact and influence to others.We are getting older every year, every day, every hour and every minute. We found things magical when we were young. As we get older, things are not so magical anymore. We do not wonder where the money comes from or how numbers can be in Math. People are afraid of growing older as everything would be different with new responsibilities. However, growing older is a pathway that everyone has to go through. Hence, accept it, let it happen and find your own magic.

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