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Name: Dishant Mukeshbhai PanchalCourse: Master of Engineering Master of Engineering ManagementIntake: Spring Session 2018 Family Background: I come from a small happy family including my father, my mother, me and my younger brother. I am from Nadiad. My father works as SM in HDFC Life and has been working there since 10 years. He has earned many achievements and ranked amongst top listed employees all over the India. My mother is a homemaker and my brother is studying in his high school. They all have been a great support and inspiration to me. Academic Details: I have completed my 10th grade in May 2012 with 9.4 CGPA and 12th grade in May 2014 in science stream with overall B2 Grade both from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). I am pursuing with my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and will be completing my graduation by May 2018 from Gujarat Technological University (GTU). So far I have achieved 8.03 SPI and 7.66 CGPA with zero backlogs till now. In my vacations I have also did an internship at GMM Pfaudler Ltd from 1st June to 30th June 2017 in order to gain work experience and learn the application of technical knowledge along with development of management skills.  Why Australia: Australia is dynamic, developed country with multicultural environment. It is flexible and provides harmonious society in which students can learn. First reason for selecting Australia is it is known for its world class research and high quality education with practical approach towards education rather than theoretical. It has a system named Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which is administered nationally by Australian government under which most courses and training selected by international students are qualified and authorized. This will provide quality education with innovative teaching styles. Australian qualifications are therefore accepted around the world. Secondly the universities in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees which are not available in India and deliver practical and career oriented training with use of much higher technology. Above all with richness in education it is also cost efficient, safe for living and has a suitable weather comparing with USA, Canada and other developed countries. Why UTS: University of Technology Sydney is the youngest growing university making its mark globally with practice oriented and research focused approach of learning. UTS ranked 1st in Australia and 15th globally in Times Higher Education top universities under 50 years of age global rankings.UTS also ranked 8th in world and 1st in Australia in QS top 50 under 50 category. It is a part of Australian Technology Network (ATN) which is a group of prominent universities committed to deliver practical and professional courses with use of highest available technology and research. Therefore studying here will provide hands-on experience and quality education practically. Also UTS maintains strong relations with local industries helping students to develop their skills, gain valuable experience and boost career opportunities. UTS’s iconic buildings with excellent facilities and technology help students to learn, study, collaborate and socialise. It also provides range of support services as career services, medical services and counselling services-many of which are free. UTS is Sydney’s city university located close to inner city suburbs making it accessible to all kind of facilities and services such as transport, living, etc with ease.  Why Master of Engineering Master of Engineering Management: It is a course which allows me to complete the Master of Engineering (ME) as well as Master of Engineering Management (MEM) in two years of full time study.  This enables me to gain engineering specific skills and management skills in accelerated way making me a technical person with management qualities. With above aim during bachelors program I paid particular attention to entrepreneurship related courses. I studied the course of Engineering Economics and Management in fourth semester and earned distinction. I scored 9 grade points in sixth semester course of Industrial Management and 8 grade points in Production Technology which introduced me to Total Quality management, Planning and other management theories. This course offers subjects like:o Advance Project Managemento Judgement and Decision makingo Risk Management in Engineering o etc with other professional engineering subjects. Therefore this Master’s program will enhance my ability to progress to engineering management roles making me more optimized to sustain in today’s competitive market. Future Career Plans: In future I see myself as an Engineering Manager with both technical as well as management skills. As my parents are in India and I am very much attached to my family, I would like to work in my own country. Also I would like to contribute my knowledge, experience and learning for development of my country. Average salary of Engineering Manager in India is 1 million per year almost double to the average salary of Mechanical engineer. Thus returning back to India with an international qualified degree from Australia would provide me better packages adding up something more. I would like to work with big industries in India as TATA group-one of the most known business groups in world, Kirloskar- a group working in core mechanical engineering fields, Larsen and Turbo, Godrej group, Siemens, etc by having a highly qualified education and degree from Australia’s reputed university UTS. My future objective is to gain experience and knowledge in my field of Mechanical engineering with continuous learning and implementation of management skills to efficiently and effectively contribute to the development.

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