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TERM, YEAR: T3, 2017










Introduction. 3
Solution. 3
Benefits expected. 3
Implementation. 4
Analysis. 4















From the case study provided we’ve learnt that Citi is the
world’s largest financial services corporation whose Technology Office was
obviously responsible for large Technology projects. The biggest challenge the
program managers discovered was that there was no sufficient guidance on how
Key program management activities should be performed.

The Chief Technology Office did not have a central Project
Management Office (PMO)  but rather  had initiative PMOs which were made up of a
group of consultants set up for a specific period of time for a specific
initiative. The initiative PMOs did the job but the following challenges arose:

A lot of knowledge gained was lost once these
individual consultants rolled off a program.

Each new initiative being launched differently
and without a central PMO led to material being recreated, taking months of
effort and duplication.

A lot of employees were either deployed to
existing programs or lacked the in-depth experience needed to launch large,
global and complex initiatives.



Citi is a company that is always audited and already had
project and program procedures in place. The only thing they decided to do was
to align these processes with PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of
Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) which was to provide Program Managers with basic
guidelines on key program management deliverables that emphasized the five
fundamentals of program management – scope, time, risk, issue and change

Benefits expected


The benefits Citi expected to gain from implementing a
single resource – PMO in a Box solution – include:-

Improvement in delivering its program goals and
objectives on time and on budget.

Improvement in governance and escalation models
that will lead to improved communication between junior staff and senior

Program managers using more of the PMO in a Box
example such as work breakdown structures and program plans, containing
realistic estimates, more frequently and consistently.

Improvement in formal documentation of changes
to program scope along with impacts to schedule and budget prior to



The company implemented PMO in a Box with approximately 100
program managers in the Chief Technology Office as part of its “Project
Management Awareness Week”.  The company
also plans to train all the program and project managers within the
organization in the near future.



By implementing the PMO in a box solution and aligning their
internal processes with a known international standard, the company has seen
noticeable improvements in the following areas:-

Delivery of its program goals and objectives on
time and on budget.

Governance and escalation models have improved
communication and resulted in less surprises to senior management.

Work breakdown structures and programs plans are
being used frequently leading to realistic estimates. 

Changes to program scope are also being
documented better.

With all the above benefits realized after the
implementation of the PMO in a box solution, I would say the solution was a

Ethical Implications


According to the Oxford dictionary, ethics is defined as the
moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an
activity. 1 According to an
article on PMI website, Michael O’Brochta, says, “When practiced to the highest
standards, ethics increases the quality and quantity of business.” 2

From our analysis above, we’ve seen that the quality of
doing work has improved. This was possible because the managers at the Chief
Technology Office discovered that there was a problem and they took the moral
responsibility of implementing a solution to mitigate against these problems.
The managers did what was morally right and it has benefitted the company as a
whole. The customers will get better service and the chances of satisfying the
regulators will increase.

Ethical Analysis (Citi Vs TD Bank)


After reading and analyzing a second case study, “TD Bank
N.A.’s Enterprise-Wide PMO Monitors Projects and Maintains Focus on Strategic
Goals” 3, there are a couple
of ethical issues that I’ve picked up.

Both TD Bank N.A. and Citi realized the gaps
that exist within their organizations and came up with a Project Management
Methodology. This was the right thing to do and it led to efficiency in doing

Both companies improved their service delivery
to their customers and dealt with the ever strict regulations well.



Below are a couple of lessons that we can learn from the
case study

Implementing a project management methodology
within an organization will improve the quality of carrying out project
management activities.

Following a standard project management methodology
saves a lot of time and money as a lot of duplication is eliminated.

Good project managers are those who always
identify problems and come up with solutions to fix these problems for the
benefit of the team and company.






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