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Mysterious mist, basking in the sun and a bit nippy evenings mark the
arrival of winters. And so as nostalgia of being covered up in soft, warm blankets.
This laziness might put us in a bad health. The only way out is physical
fitness and diet.

There is nothing better than spending afternoons in sunlight or getting
into deep hibernation. The crisp beauty of winters is enjoyed having tea in one
hand and a full hand of pakoras in other. The more pleasant part is velvet
coats donned over, shawls draped and wool sweaters piled high in cupboard.

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Just as a bonfire in winters relieve us, a physical workout too! It is
surprising that our body releases fat more in winters than in summers. Colds
and cough, fever due to weather is quite common in winters. To be in charge of
this glitch is totally in our hands. A nourishing and wholesome diet, little
exercise may doll up our winter experience without any trouble.

Other aspects of life which rob our health are our demanding careers. The
constant pressure to work hard and reach at pinnacle has been an integral part
of our life. Moreover we are surrounded by many health hazards such as junk
food, cell phones, computers and absolutely no exercise. This deskbound
lifestyle gives birth to many serious illnesses. The deadly combination of
these aspects together with chilly winters can be detrimental to our physical
as well as mental health.

Talking about children who must be young and frolicking in every shade of
life too remain cramped in the warmth of bedspread. Mobiles and televisions
which is an entertainment fixture closer home have confined them. This has lead
to laziness and couch-sickness in children. As winters bring cold children find
it extremely hard to turn up to playgrounds. Apart from this another thing that
children are reluctant about is nutritious food. Sticking to homemade chapattis
and veggies are foregone days. Especially in winters when vegetables like
‘saag’,’palak’, ‘methi’ and ‘gobhi’ reappear in front of children it’s
difficult to convince children. So, concern towards this issue is of utmost

Another rising issue with health in winter is liquor and cigarette. As
winters are too cold and brandy or alcohol are too dement, it gives immense
pleasure to indulge into bingeing. Cigarette tucked stylishly between fingers
has led its image to a fallacious cool style quotient. Little do people realize
that they are blowing their world up in smoking.

People rely more on heaters, geysers, convectors and other electrical
appliances in closed walls. Regular use of these appliances swallow up the
moisture content from rooms leaving it dry. This can lead to the lack of oxygen
which can again be harmful. Therefore keeping regular check on our fitness
level is of great significance.

We live in a highly competitive world but we need to see what we are doing
to ourselves. The fact of matter is that people find workout and diet control,
a tough role. Since slapping our own wrist from buffet is one of the hardest
thing ever but still there are mélange ways to get nutrition and taste together.
The need is to switch over to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating habits must be controlled and coffee or cola must be replaced with
healthy soups and juices.

Despite eating street burgers, a healthy veggie burger can be made at home.
The morning can begin with a cup of green tea. Alcohol must be avoided as it is
dehydrating agent. Drinking as much water as one can help nourish our body and
delay ageing. Fruits must be involved in the breakfast and whole day long. Orange,
pineapple, grapes are a great source of vitamin C. Dry fruits like walnut,
almonds, cashews are a great source of vitamin E.

‘Chyawanprash’- an ayurvedic paste is tremendously helpful in building up
immunity against common colds, cough etc which are prevalent n winters. It can
be taken together with the intake of milk.

Today many recipes on the internet have been provided which are both
nutritious and kids-friendly.gud’,’honey’ ,’turmeric’ are natural sources that
help us remain fit in winters.

The key element of fitness is ‘yoga’. A 30 minute yoga-physical exercise
and 15 minute ‘pranayam’-breathing exercise is more than enough to stay fit in winters.
If one is feeling too cold, then instead of crawling into bed one can try a
simple physical workout. This workout can help warming up muscles and greater

The benefits of yoga are limitless. Cold can’t touch a bit if one has a
daily pranayam exercise during winters. Rising up early in morning and opting
for jogging, walking ,running or bicycling is a very good habit and one stays
vigorous in winters than those who become lethargic due to no exercise. Yoga
and other physical workouts help in great oxygen intake and efficient blood
circulation in body. Moreover it helps avoiding alcohol and tea for healthy beverages.
A yoga workout may include simple stretching, back exercises, forward bending,
sitting exercises or twisting.

If one is living in hilly areas or where there is great amount of snow one
can spend leisure time doing skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ice-skating. This
can lead one to be happy inside out, have physical workout, get out of lazy
routine and finally stay fit.

Being sluggish in winters and wasting time can make one deprived of the
excitement that winter brings with itself and can shower sickness. Instead one
must get on the block, live each day healthier and stay fit to be happy and
positive throughout. 

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