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My mission in life is not merely to survive,
but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and
some style. This has been the guiding principle in my life.

I have graduated from one of the prestigious
college KLS Gogte Institute of Technology and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in
Mechanical Engineering. My epitome of strength has been my education and
ability to work hard. My sole aim was to excel in my chosen field of study
building a well round profile, and I have lived up to my expectations and
produced results consistently. I have been interested in Mathematics, Physics,
Machines, and Automobiles right from my school days, and hence the natural
inclination towards Mechanical Engineering as a field of study. I have tried to
gain an in-depth understanding of real-time applications of theories by
involving myself in as many industrial training programs and internship
programs as much as possible.

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During my undergraduate program, I was
involved in a project where I collaborated with a team of 25 members to design,
fabricate and validate a Formula-style, single seated racing car. The team had
to work tirelessly to build the vehicle and I was involved in designing the
brake system of the car. The primary objective was to achieve minimum stopping
distance using two independent hydraulic circuits actuated by independent
master cylinders and floating calipers to produce sufficient braking torque. My
other responsibilities were to identify potential sponsors to raise funds for
the project. Submitted RFQ’s to potential suppliers, eliciting quotation for
car components. I delivered the project by negotiating with vendors, scoping,
Resource allocation and cross-functional team coordination.

Although we achieved 36th rank in SAE SUPRA
INDIA, It was still a massive success has the team had made its maiden expedition.
This project boosted my practical engineering knowledge. It helped me
understand the importance of vehicle dynamics and enhanced my design
capabilities through modeling and Finite Element analysis. I gained skills such
as management, communication, networking and strong presentation skills overall
providing a strong foundation for the mechanical engineering field.

My fascination towards Industrial Engineering
began when I did my first internship at Automotive Axles limited. I acquired
good command on different manufacturing processes used in constructing an axle
and this made me push the limits of classroom knowledge. I diligently worked
and assisted my supervisor on a Six Sigma project “Reducing the number of
iterations for spacers used in pinion cage assembly in an axle. My main role
was to identify the root cause for more iterations used in spacer insertion and
implement quality control strategies for the same. I also validated Monte Carlo
method by re-analyzing the dimensions of 30 pinion cage assembly components. I
was exposed to other continuous improvement activities like Kaizen, 5S and lean
manufacturing. It was really a delight to gain valuable exposure regarding the
best practices used in the large manufacturing industries.

In third year of my college, I did my
internship at kluber Lubrication. My project “Automation of Decanting process”
was done to reduce human intervention to a minimum by automating the process. I
designed a beam using CATIA V5 software to hold a electrical cable hoist to
reduce human efforts and time consumption. Kluber Lubrication being a
Multi-national company, I could learn more about real-life business process
chains knowing SAP ERP modules for Procurement, sales and distribution,
material management, production planning and inventory management. My
internship activities have helped me identify my calling and I am sure they
will give a good kick start and help me excel in Industrial Engineering domain.

Giving back to the community has always been
my doctrine. Right from the first year of my under-graduate program I have
engaged myself in various community activities. For all the social projects I
had done, I was selected for a fortnight leadership journey ‘LEAD PRAYANA’
organized by Deshpande Foundation, INDIA. The selection had a strong screening
process and I was one among 120 participants out of number of applicants
applying throughout the country. When I introspect, apart from learning
leadership qualities, public speaking, gaining confidence, Leadership programs
have transformed my mindset. I make an attempt to think outside the box and
question everything. I work harder than ever before. I can very well identify
my strengths and weakness. Being in LEAD (LEaders Accelerating Development)
program and doing community activities have not only made me feel that I am
adding value in my life but also has bought a positive impact in my life.

choice of University of Southern California is a very deliberated and
meticulous one, which has come about by extensive and exhaustive scrutiny of
scads of universities. This is the institution I find most befitting for its
apt program. The research interests of Dr. Shalini Gupta in the field of Supply
Chain Management, Six Sigma and Lean Processes, and broad experience of Dr.
Geza P Bottlik in the field of strategic
planning and project management. I would consider it my privilege to
learn and give my best, if I may be allowed to associate myself with the
research work, even in a minor capacity. I am sure I will prove myself worthy
of the confidence you place in me.

My goal in life is to train harder, meet new people, learn new
technologies, Master in my chosen field, and do outstandingly well by adding
value by contributing to the industries and to the communities. University of Southern
California will give me the right proximity to learn in depth, network,
and unleash my true potential. I am just an all rounder but what truly sets me
apart are my non-cognitive skills and the ability to fight and work till I
achieve my goal. This, never give up attitude of mine has helped me achieve
larger things also helped me outperform many bright students. I strongly
believe this will take me even more far. When I achieve all my goals, I would
want to look back and thank University of Southern California for giving me an
opportunity to call myself a proud TROJAN. 

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