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My name is Wahida Yeasmin. I am a resident of the Bronx. I am a sophomore at CUNY Lehman College currently studying Nursing. I am writing to express my concerns about antibiotic usage. I have witnessed that to cure an infection we always depend on antibiotics. I believe it is  necessary to discuss about the consequences we might be facing in the future. Antibiotics are helpful but we grow resistance to it. The bacteria starts to grow resistant to the antibiotic after a while. If we don’t start doing something about it now, we will face risky problems in the future. We need the antibiotics since infections can take away lives. It is found that in the US and Europe 50000 a year die of infection because no drugs were able to help. Skin infections lead to diseases like pneumonia which killed three children out of every ten. Even giving birth in a clean environment like hospitals killed 1 women out of every hundred. Therefore, We can not lose antibiotics, if we do, we lose protection for people with weak immune system, cancer patients, aid patients, transplant recipient, premature babies and many more. Research has depicted that 1 out 6 would die without antibiotics. Losing antibiotics can also interfere with surgeries and many surgeries need the dose of antibiotics or else we lose the ability to open the hidden spaces of the body. Many major surgeries like heart operations will become difficult to perform.I ask that you supply us enough tools to better regulate what goes into the meat we eat. Provide more in better, healthy regulation of livestock/meat industry. Also, decreasing antibiotic use in livestock will be beneficial since the more we consume it now, the sooner the bacteria will become resistant to it. Then, when we get sick and that same antibiotic will be ineffective. Therefore, we should all be united to bring an end to this. Thank you for your time and attention. I appreciate your willingness to consider my request.

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