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      My name is Muhammad Azizul Bin Zainuddin. I am studying atGERMAN-MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE and now struggling preparing for final year projectfor the last semester. Many years acknowledged about hands-on and effective traininghave made me obtain more knowledge about Process Instrumentation and Control.       I have made sacrifices in my life that are notmany people will do same things especially teenager at my age especially in mycourse which is Process Instrumentation and Control.

Other than that, at first whenI join German-Malaysian Institute it was like culture shock to me because this coursetough and need more effort or skill to accomplish it. Then, after a few month Imanage to stabilize my life and also my study. At that moment, I feel sograteful because I been surrounded by positive vibe and support me to make tothis far.       My subject is more to electrical andelectronics course. I have a bad relationship with my friends at first which Inot bad at attitude but I not shape up with my friends even though they triedto approach me.

I loved to be alone once but now I realised that German-MalaysianInstitute is formed me to be intelligent person and make me approach my friendsby myself. I am supportive and understanding in every task that given bylecturer and also one of my weakness is I am being too genius when I get tired.As for my study, eventually I give fully attention to the development of mythinking manners so that I become quick learner and precise in knowledge. For whatI am doing I had been paid equally which I have achieved excellence in my study. I particularly love such subject as Instrument Calibration & Maintenance,Process Control Instrumentation, Distributed Control System & Applicationand Programmable Logic Control because all the subject have high price in worldnowdays. I am strong logical thinking and oral expressing. I am creative andunique in views on certain matters especially about study.

       Morally I may say I am also excellent,because I am strict with myself, not stop something what I am doing before Iget achieve to it, following the school’s rules and regulations, taking activepart in various activities, displaying great interest in our country’simportant events and world affairs. I love our motherland and our people and Iam try to do my best for my last semester final year project. All this has ledme more confident to future study at overseas.      In addition, I have developed many hobbiesin my life. For example, I love computer, football and marathon. I have been achampion several times in our school’s sports meet.

In short, as a studentGERMAN-MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE, I am determined to make future studies at overseasfor my degree and use the knowledge I get for make my country success at globalstage.

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