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My interaction with automobiles has ranged from early times of admiration to present day usage as an indispensable companion. It was difficult for me to understand how this mechanical machine would propel into the horizon. The pursuit of this quest made me realize that it was actually the electronics behind the picture that controls each and every aspect of a vehicle. In an ever-growing field of automotive technology with a paradigm shift towards autonomous driving and efficient systems, the subject of electronics in fields of real-time embedded systems, control systems and communications technology holds the key in making this world a safer and cleaner place and I wish to be a part of the boundless research that is taking place in this regard.Pursuing these interests, I took up Electronics and Electrical as major in my undergraduate study and I found sheer interests in subjects like Digital Electronic circuits, Linear Integrated Circuits & Systems, Control Systems, Embedded Systems, Advanced Microcontroller and Network Theory. My passion for the subjects reflected in my incremental performance throughout eight semesters, which put me in the top 20% in a class of 145 peers with the CGPA of 8.

7.To help expand on my classroom knowledge of electronics, I took up numerous projects.  One of the major ones that I embarked upon was “Parking Guidance System”. The idea behind the project was to design a system which shall park the vehicle autonomously in a designated spot or even guide the driver during the tedious task of parking, with the help of various sensors. Working on it exposed me to modern day microcontrollers, writing control algorithms with embedded C programming, designing sensor and actuators and also communication technology. This project was executed as a group and working in a team with a diverse group of individuals taught me the lessons of being a good team member and managing time.My passion for electronics became evident during campus recruitments where Bosch India recognized my talents and inclination towards cutting edge automotive technology and offered me a position at their company.

I began my career there starting June 2014 where I worked as an embedded software developer for Engine control units (ECU) on AUTOSAR Diagnostic software and later on moved to the development of flash bootloaders. My responsibilities included analyzing requirements, designing the required system/algorithm, developing the system on embedded C and validating requirements by flashing and testing on actual ECU hardware.Working in Bosch had been a mesmerizing experience; to be surrounded by laboratories filled with cutting edge and state of the art equipment to develop ECU software was all awe-inspiring. I would spend time relentlessly in the lab to see the working of the ECU trying to understand the real-time behaviour of the operating system, memory optimization, control logic, communication protocols like CAN and checking flashing/debugging aspects. Thanks to my curiosity, I quickly began to grasp all the concepts in embedded coding and diagnostics, and within a short period of time, I was given responsibilities to handle complex tasks. In time, when a new project came up to take over Flash bootloader topic, I was chosen as one of the two members to take up the responsibility in my entire department that constituted of more than 100 individuals.I had always given emphasis on automation and trimming down redundant/ repetitive work with automation.

I learnt C# and in this regard and automated a lot of areas in testing and file generation. I was appreciated on a number of occasions during my journey in Bosch; however, the highlight would be winning the Outstanding Performer award, a feat which is generally not won by a person with just one year of work experience.  To dive further down into Embedded technology and move more towards gaining system knowledge, I left my job in Bosch and joined Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India in April 2017. I am currently working as a Diagnostics Engineer and the work involves understanding the overall network architecture of vehicles and coming up with new diagnostic requirements for various vehicle features for all the control units on the vehicle network.Concluding, thanks to 3 years of total professional experience I feel an undergraduate course is merely an exposure to the subjects and does not deal with the in-depth analysis of any given field.

This special interest in the vast and capricious domain of Embedded Systems has pushed me to pursue a master’s course in the field. Having worked for two German giants, I have opted for Germany as my only preference to pursue masters as I am greatly influenced by German work culture and technological excellence. I would be grateful if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my further studies at your institution as the course offered is in sync with my interests. I assure you that I will definitely be able to justify your faith in me.

I thank you for this opportunity given to express myself and truly hope that the admission committee will see me as an asset and place their trust in my abilities as a prospective student.

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