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My interest in Science developed from an early age. However
I first became interested in Biomedical Science during my second year of BTEC
Applied Science, when I did modules about the Biomedical Science technique and
Microbiological technique. This course helped me to realise that this is the
career I want to pursue and I would like to have a better understanding of the mechanism
in the human body as well about the treatment of human diseases.

Whilst studying my BTEC Applied Science, I gained
analytical skills in carrying out quantitative analysis techniques in
titration. I am now able to use a variety of measuring devices and tools such
as pH meter, balance, colorimeter, microscope, spectrometer and pipette. As a
part of the course I conducted my own experiment about the effect of
temperature on enzyme activity, where I had to do my own  research, collect the data,  analyse the results and draw my own
conclusions based on the results from the investigation. During this experiment
I developed my scientific knowledge, practical skills and time management
skills. It also prepared me to work in science laboratory. I also gained a
basic knowledge about how the cell is investigated for abnormalities in
histopathology laboratory. This particular subject interested me, so I decided
to attend a pathology lecture at University of Derby to broaden my knowledge in
the area of pathology. It was an excellent opportunity to meet Dr Craig Platt who shared his experience about work as
a pathologists and the role of pathology in discovering treatments for cancer
and developing vaccines. This motivated me to apply to study biomedical

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I am currently recertificating GCSE English Language to meet all the entry requirements
and to have better opportunity to achieve higher grade. It’s been five years
since I came to England and I became fluent in English. Learning English is one
of my greatest achievements, as it strengthened my self-motivation skills.  It allowed me to experience new cultures,
improve my communication and interpersonal skills, it also helped me to
understand the world we live in and its diversity.

Last April I participated in a trip to Germany
organised by Derby College, this trip gave me the opportunity to develop my communication
and teamwork skills. As a team, we worked together to assemble and install a
small solar power kit and to ensure it generates sufficient amount of
electricity to power a bulb. My team completed the installation process ahead
of time with very positive reviews from our tutor. From this experience I
learnt about the importance of renewable energy and the environmental benefits
of using Solar Photovoltaic panels but mostly it made me realise the importance
of science in today’s world. I also completed a short-term work experience placement
in a hospital where I was able to experience how the work in hospital look like.

I am well organised and have good time management
skills. I always plan ahead my work to make sure I meet all deadlines and the
work which I submit is in high standard. I am self-motivated and determinate
person to achieve my ambition and the goals I want to reach.  I work well in a team and independently, which
is a key for successful study at university.

I am really looking forward to going to university as
it will give me an excellent opportunity to widen further my knowledge in Science
and gain more practical experience that are necessary to become Biomedical



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