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My goal of pursuing a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering in the domain of Computational Intelligence stems from my undergraduate work and life experiences which have molded me into the person I am today. This field interests me because of its formal and rigorous mathematical outlook and its all-inclusive applications. The desire to advance in this field by doing cutting-edge research has motivated me to pursue graduate studies.I am an undergraduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering from School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University.

Beyond the classroom, I have taken the initiative of undertaking a number of research projects under the supervision of faculty members. A key project that I would like to emphasize is Underwater Broadband Communication. This project included design and implementation of an acoustic system for a signal of 30 KHz frequency (16 tones). The theoretical research has focused on the simulation of noise and loss models, modulation detection techniques, channel estimation algorithms and signal to noise ratio.

The project was simulated using Matlab, in order to debug the program, tune the chosen parameters, and analyze results. My long-term interest in computational intelligence has pursued me to work on this project, and augment the efficiency of current underwater models.I was one of the 100 students selected for STEAM school to work on a social innovation project in the area of healthcare and well-being (UN SDG-3). I brainstormed and worked on a project named CURA – a smart health monitoring wearable device which focuses on monitoring pain and notifying progress to the user and therapist through the power of IOT and Artificial Intelligence. We received unexpected traction for our project when Sir Navi Radjou during his presentation on frugal innovation compared our working prototype to a Silicon Valley product that uses 8 sensors and costs $200 while we could achieve the same functionality with 2 sensors and $5. He also assured to put us in touch with GE Healthcare in the US and provide us with all the VC resources to make CURA a viable product and make physiotherapy as affordable as possible. Also, CURA made it to the UNESCO Tech conference India where it received a positive response in social innovative design. My work on CURA has fuelled my desire to pursue a graduate degree to better visualize and analyze data and to make CURA a better model for physiotherapy.

Finally, I realise my GRE scores can offset my chances. Having written my GRE thrice to see my scores not improve, this might give a bad impression about my abilities. I want to convince the committee that the GRE scores don’t represent my true potential. Firstly, I have a weakness that I tend to think a lot. This overthinking makes me perplexed with thoughts, and I just don’t get the calmness to have a clear vision during the 4 hour examination in a tight setting environment. This can be observed by the variations in my quants and verbal scores. Secondly, I have had the determination to write my GRE thrice.

I would like to mention that this advocates me as an individual who doesn’t give up. Having put this ahead, I hope the committee will look at other aspects of my profile with much more comprehensiveness. I believe that North Carolina State University, with its highly quali?ed faculty and world-class research facilities, will provide me with the right mix of academic prospects and research experience. I am especially interested in the research being conducted by Dr.

Edward Grant at your university. The exhaustive work being done in the domain of wearable health at the Active Robotic Sensing (ARoS) Laboratory perfectly align with my research interests. I look upon graduate studies as an opportunity to gain technical knowledge and practical expertise with which I will contribute to research projects currently underway at NCSU and make progress towards my overall career goal of becoming a researcher, based either at a university or in the industry.

Finally, I would like to thank the admissions committee for taking the time in reviewing my application.

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