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purpose of applying for Master’s program at “Chalmers University of Technology” in “Electric Power Engineering” for the 2017 autumn is to pursue a career of
professional researcher and educator in this field. An Undergraduate program is very first step in
achieving this goal. That’s why I chose
Electrical Engineering for the undergraduate study. I sat for the admission
test and secured my position in the “Department
of Electrical and Electronic Engineering” of “American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)”, one of the
most prominent private universities in Bangladesh.


During my undergrad program, I had
always tried to reach to the heart of the problems through my deep insight
analyzing it first and formulated the possible solution through logical
thinking and ingenuity in mathematics. Throughout my study I enjoyed Power
Station, Power system analysis, Power system Protections, Analog Electronics,
Digital Signal Processing system etc. As I found Electrical very fascinating, I
look forward to explore further into it. After that I started reading advanced electrical
topics and attending weekly seminars in which researchers and faculties from
different universities discussed many engrossing topics .By the same token, at my final academic
year, I undertook a project on “WAR
This project work made me to go
through a lot of laboratory works such as Components selection, Simulation
works, implementation the project.. After working about four months that
project was successfully completed. In 2015 I have completed my undergrad

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The professional experiences that I have gained are so much related to
my study. From February 2015 I have been working in “Computer Source Limited” as a Product Manager of “Online UPS & Data Center”. During
my professional life I have learned about the practical world of Electrical
& Electronics. My main work is to satisfy the clients by providing the
solutions in proper way, analysis the problems of the electrical equipments of
Data center. Beside I have learned a lot about Rectifiers, Inverters, MOSFET,
IGBT, Battery Charger, Online Ups, Precision AC, Generators, AVR, Transformers,
Busbar truncking system etc. Now I am working on “Dutch Bangla Bank Data Center” Project. This Data center is one of
the biggest Data center in Bangladesh .It will be finished within next January.
All these academic and professional experiences encouraged me to enroll
into the Postgraduate program.


addition to academics & professional, I was always involved with several
sports & volunteer organizations. I had been serving as a captain of my
School, College & University Cricket team. Beside that I am a member of a
free blood donation organization named “Badhon”
for five years. I have gained taking responsibility and working with a team
during serving those organization.

my childhood I have had a dream of studying in an institution which provides
international standards of education. High qualified teaching staff and
educational curriculum can help me focus my strength and minimize my weakness.
Quality education can enable me utilize my existing knowledge and competencies
in a competitive dynamic engineering environment.

maintained the high quality research works,
Chalmers University of Technology is always been the targeted institution
for many of the young and enthusiastic learners and I am one of them. This university
is one of the higher rated educational institutions in Sweden. The main focus
of the this university is creating a ensuring opportunities for each individual
student and researcher to grow and reach their goals .The core massage of Chalmers University of Technology, exposure to practice, exchange with
practitioners and insights from the faculties internationally recognized
research throughout the various modules. I hope this will give me the highest
levels of international standard and top quality education. Five years from
now, I envisage myself as an academician, researcher and educator demonstrating
strong leadership role in research and innovation. For this I need adequate
academic preparation beyond my undergraduate study. I will consider my mission
of life accomplished if the knowledge gained from this great institution can
have meaningful impact on people’s lives.


So with this reasons above, I am
a giving a try for myself to be part this Master Program which is strongly
related with my dream .Not only I will be practicing my skills, but also I will
have the opportunity to learn many things in a more professional way ,in an
international atmosphere .Studying this program will allow me to learn from
world-class qualified professionals in a competitive environment between
different people from different countries and cultures .I am confident that I
have a number of key strengths and professional attributes, for example-a good
team player ,love to make friend within short time, enjoy contributing ideas
,providing feedback ,can support and motivate others ,willing to learn and
sharing knowledge as well .That’s why ,I thoroughly believe that my education
and professional back ground would enable me to stand me as a perfect applicant
for this Master Program (Two years)
in Electric Power Engineering to
grow myself as well to live in nice Swedish culture .


you for considering my application, and I look forward to your acceptance.

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