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My primary research interest is in the area of disease triggers, treatments, and vaccinations. Creating effective preventive measures or even treatments for diseases heavily rely on our understanding of those diseases. Research on diseases in my point of view can help keep us one step ahead of many diseases. It also shapes our decisions/health policies to prevent their occurrence. Additionally, my motivation to pursue this type of research stems from my passion for medicine. Currently, I am completing a degree in biology with the hopes of one day becoming a physician. To become a physician would mean I would be able to target diseases by studying their symptoms, offering diagnostics and solutions to those diseases. Up to date, I have been fortunate to participate in an undergraduate research program that was guided by Dr. Jonathan Miller and took place at Edmond Community College labs. The program lasted for 10 weeks and during that time I collaborated with a group of students to work independently on a project of our choice that was related to microbiology. Along with the supervision of Dr. Miller, I joined forces with my team and we picked enrichment culture as a topic of our research. We later on formulated a research question about whether oil-degrading bacteria was existent at Edmonds beach and Gas Works Park. Soil, water, and sediment samples were collected from the locations of interest. Enrichment culture, PCR,  gel electrophoresis, DNA purification, and sequencing were later on conducted to determine what kinds of oil-degrading bacteria have lived in these two locations. Eventually, Dr. Miller helped us interpret the results of DNA sequencing and it was determined that further analysis/experiments are needed to conclude if new species of oil-degrading bacteria were in fact discovered. Even though it didn’t last for long, it was a valuable learning experience that taught me about the time and effort commitment a research requires. In addition, I appreciated having the opportunity to design my own investigation, and challenge myself not only intellectually but also personally. Fred Hutch is a well-known organization that has various areas of research and specifically one that’s dear to my heart which is cancer. My family has a history of battling cancer and I have lost a lot of relatives because of it. An opportunity like this would help me be part of the change, keep up with the current research which is very important for becoming a well-rounded physician who can offer the best options to my patients in the future. Taking part in your program will enable me to become a physician who doesn’t only offer treatments for patients but also goes the extra mile of designing clinical trials in the hopes of providing additional options for their patients. I am looking forward to networking with your esteemed mentors and gaining new knowledge that will stay with me for years to come.

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