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My interest in drama began early. From the age of 8 I
attended weekly lessons with the REC Young People’s Theatre Company in Buxton.
This is where I first developed my acting skills. I was given some great roles,
including Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry VIII, and a mad
professor in a time machine.

I was active in all school drama productions (Including
Romeo and Juliet and Hairspray) and was invited to be a member of the Gifted
and Talented group, initially as a participant and subsequently running
workshops. My school years culminated in a performance written by a fellow
student and friend, performed at the Buxton Festival Fringe.

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Each year at the Fringe a company of theatre enthusiasts,
under the name Underground Venues, takes over the management of three
performance spaces for three weeks. I started volunteering with them in 2010.
In the seven years since, I have been given increasing responsibility and in
2017 I managed the Buxton Pavilion Arts Centre Studio, ensuring the smooth
running of this 90-seat space and over 40 performances.

I have learned much about the world of performing arts at
the Fringe, and this has fuelled my enthusiasm for theatre. Managing a venue
has enabled me to see many impactful and inspiring productions, and for those three
weeks in the year I feel thoroughly engaged and passionate about theatre in its
many forms. At Underground Venues I have worked alongside the most creative,
passionate and driven people I have ever met. Each one inspires me to jump into
that which I love. This is the reason I’m applying to study Drama.

Buxton was also the location for the International Gilbert
and Sullivan Festival, in which I acted and sang for three years running. The
town also had a puppet festival, in which I performed several times as part of
the Funny Wonders company.

After leaving school, I worked for a year as a tour guide at
Poole’s Cavern show cave and Country Park. This taught me lots about addressing
audiences of all ages and backgrounds and engaging large groups for long
periods of time. Adaptability, I’ve found, is key to engaging an audience.

Pursuing my love of literature in all its forms, I then opted
to study English Literature at Manchester Metropolitan University. It soon
became apparent, however, that I had made a mistake in side-lining drama. I
remain an avid reader, but I have come to realise that drama is not just a
hobby and a summer job for three weeks a year – it’s a calling.

I now know myself much better, and face the future with
vision and a sense of vocation. I am eager to study a subject I have a true
passion for.

With the skills and knowledge that I will gain with this
degree, my ambition is to launch a mobile community theatre project. I have
seen the benefits that a thriving theatre scene can bring to a community, and I
plan to bring the wonder of “the Fringe” to the road. I wish to join those
theatre professionals I admire in creating a medium for drama in which barriers
are broken down and the arts are made accessible to all. 

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