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My primary Community service activity Includes participating in church activities and doing work that needs to be done around my hometown. During the summer as well as on special event days I spend most of my time helping out around the community as much as I possibly can. This includes working in hot weather, setting up booths, helping distribute food, and aiding the people of the community in any way possible. This year when participating in the Annual Back to School Rally there was a lot of heavy labor that needed to be done including setting up tables, and booths lifting and unloading boxes, unloading trucks, and directing traffic.This Event opened up my eyes to the social issues of Gender Stereotypes when talking about lifting, setting up booths, unloading trucks or just any type of manual labor that most would consider a job for a man had become easily downplayed in this scenario. In this setting women as well as men took on the difficult tiresome tasks at hand to make sure that they were completed in a timely manner. No one was focused on what gender was doing what the main focus was just to simply get the task done. This changed my perspective on Gender Stereotypes that have become heavily implemented in society today. thus, helping me realize that gender stereotypes really do not matter. They only matter if you make them Matter. Although, There is denying that there are significant differences between a Man and a Woman, however, these stereotypes are focused on the physical aspect rather than the mental. If you have the mentality to get a task done regardless of gender. It can be done. This got me to thinking we as a society need to get past these gender stereotypes because If we don’t allow more people to do the things that they want because of their gender their ability to express themselves becomes significantly limited. Freedom of expression is the core of happiness. If a particular activity makes someone happy, he or she should be able to pursue it, regardless of their gender.

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