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Hair is in Loc, But My Mind Has Never Been Trapped in a Box”

 “You a weed
head, know where you can get some from”

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“People with deadlocks are trouble markers”

“You cannot get a job with that in your head”

“Are you Jamaican?”


            Throughout my life I only follow one simple code. And
that code is to always express yourself. Since a child I always wanted to have
my own swag. Which means to dress a certain way, look a certain way, talk
certain way, and etc. And of course I’ve been criticizing or stereotype
throughout my life, but it was one stereotype that took the icing on the cake.
This last three years It was my dreadlocks. Now some people are not please  of the word dreadlocks because it got deal
with some kind of negative wording or meaning. (Just giving heads up to my
readers) (Mhm that kind be another stereotype to some people, I just noticed
that). But as for me Im alight if someone say dreadlocks, dreads, or locs.

            But what I’m not going accepted is the first quotations,
I recently recall that I was store shopping. I believed It was in Walmart
looking up this two food label trying to decide what to get. I glanced to my
left a seen a dude walking towards me, didn’t bothers me to guess why he was
looking at me. I figured he was looking for the same food that I got in my
hands by the shelf, or maybe he was go to the next aisle. But no this fool tap
my shoulder and ask “You a weed head, know where you get some from.”
Yeah it in aisle where it says exit”. No I not a weed head and no i don’t know
where to get some. I don’t even smoke weed at all.  And it not the first and last time someone
ask me that, it like as if every deadheads person have a big sign in back of
their head saying “we’re weed heads and our hair can help located it.

            Now this next quotation had to be my early stage of
growing my dreads; I had twists at the time. But it was one Saturday night when
my mom was watching her every Saturday night crimes show, I believe it was FBI
most wanted list at the time of the show was air. And I remember stepping in
the living room and she made the most stereotype list ever for deadheads.
“You see Samy you don’t need no dreads in your head. People with
dreadlocks are trouble markers.” Yes my “mother” stated that
quotation. Now my mother was never a fan of men with long hair, she pretty much
old school, and believed that men are better off with short hair. She thinks
guys with long hair are cave man and those never washed their hair or never
groom their hair. But when she stated that statement, I had to tell her does
Stevie Wonder commit crimes or looking for trouble after he’s done performing
his concert. My mom’s simply laughs and continue watching the program,

            Another quotation that grind my gear is the whole
“You cannot get a job with that in your head.” really why is they so
discriminating. I mean I understand for working at a for food corps, where
you’re dealing with food can be very understanding. But last time i check
people where hair nets or hair rages to insure no hair would fall over the
food.  But the main problem is that
businesses especially in the white collar word won’t hired a deadhead even if
he/she meant the requirement of the job. Why is such a problem for these
corporate people to ban such a ridiculous “law” to not hire people
due to what they got in their head? The law doesn’t guarantee the right to wear
locks in the office. Not only that some colleges such as Hampton University,
Southern University in Louisiana are also prohibits men with locs or cornrows
from attending a semester an obtaining a five year bachelor master program in
business. And the excuse they say is because it preparing the students in the
real world. That a Bunch of BS to me,

            Now I saved the best stereotype last. Can you image where
everywhere you go from meeting new people, working with your boss or working
with your fellow coworkers, paying your items to a cashier. Being in class with
your classmate, teachers, or even the whole school. Hell even your own dog.
Will always asked you “Are you Jamaican.” (Sign) No I’m not Jamaican,
I’m Haitian. It almost as if I been ask by people I just meet and they’ll ask
you while being  in engage in full
conversation ask   you are you Jamaican.
Or sometimes when you meet that individual and later become friends, they’ll
later ask you “I thought you were Jamaican” will you thought wrong sorry.
Some folks are even bond enough to ask you if your Rastafarians? I mean nothing
against  the community or culture of  the Rastas, But I tend to shave or trim off  my bread and I don’t see my dread as main of
a lion.

            To wrap up my conclusion of this outrages and very
frustrating stereotype that I’ve to deal with, and not only me others as well. Individuals
that have been discriminating and harass because they look like could be
involved in criminal activity by police officer eyes. The individuals
that are very well educated but are limited of getting a job in white collar
world even if he/she have the requirements and the degree. And  for the other non-Jamaican that been
repeatedly ask if you’re Jamaican or Rastafarian. This what you get for
expressing the way you look to the public eyes, and anything you do or look can
be a stereotype. Thank you to reader for reading my dreadful experience with

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