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Mrs. JamesSel JD Stone22 January 2017Heavy Equipment Technician A heavy equipment technician is a technician who works to repair machines in the field and in a repair shop. The machines are usually vehicles that fit into mines and construction areas. The vehicles are usually bigger than most. As this technician, you have to be fit and hands on. If that doesn’t happen, then the job won’t get done and your employer will be angry. The Heavy equipment technician has to know the vehicles he works on. Many part changes have to take place within the machines. A Heavy Equipment technician has to have at least two years of college. To make more money, they have to go to more years of school. This technician can usually make $14-$31 a hour. I have many aspects to be a Heavy Equipment Technician. I have most skills to follow out the tasks of this career. I like a lot of things in this workplace. It came out as me liking and having the skills needed for this job. It appears that when i’m older, I would be able to take and prosper in this career. The technicians jobs are very brutal. The machines that are worked with are very big and tough machines. You have to precise when doing your job. The everyday job of this mechanic is to look over problems that have come up in a machine. They also have to fix and replace parts that are causing problems within the machine. The can work on things from a diesel engine to a complex wiring kit that needs fixed. The technician will usually go over diagnostics and try to figure out the problem. Once found, they the fix it or replace. Sometimes they have to go out in the field to take care of problems. It’s a lot cheaper when the technician goes out and works on the problem. The technician has to be familiar with the tools he or she is using. Many are complex and he or she needs to understand what he or she is doing. The technicians can work for a mining, construction, logging, or even a maintenance team for roads. They can work in big shops for the machines or they can work out in the field. No matter what weather condition it is, they Technicians will work to solve the problems. While working, they can run the risk of getting cut or burnt by the tools used or the machines worked on. If you’re just starting your job as a heavy equipment technician, you usually make around $30,000. The next pay area is around $50,000. The last is around $70,000 – $80,000. Your pay also depends on what you work on and the hours you stay after.

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