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Mr. Chika Ndugba has been a Software Engineer / Business
Developer since he joined Infotech Bridge Limited (IBL) in 2013. In my capacity
as Technical Lead responsible for Commercial and In-house Application
Development at IBL, I have been opportune to be his supervisor on several
software and other technical projects.

Mr. Chika is a devoted, highly motivated and outstanding
individual who is knowledge thirsty and almost always exceed the expectations
set for his position. He dares to undertake challenging task and more often
than not offers better or new formulations wherever he can. He has shown on
several occasion excellent research, programming and analytical skills, which
are indispensable skillset required to address the inevitable evolving client’s
business requirements. One of his qualities I find quite impressive is his
insatiable zeal to learn latest technical skills, technology frameworks and
tools, and his ability to transfer the knowledge to others through our usual
weekly presentations and apply them in newer projects.

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I remembered vividly a challenging time we faced and how Mr.
Chika’s active contribution helped us to emerge out successfully. A client, running
our propriety application framework, had a strict requirement to integrate a
third party propriety Content Management System (CMS) solution that was
intended to offer major service to customers and it happened that the CMS
solution wasn’t compatible with our application framework. Implementing a
solution was a gruesome task because our team lacked expertise in that
particular CMS solution and the CMS had few design interfaces limitations
integrating with our framework. My initial decision was to extend our propriety
framework in an attempt to fix the compatibility between the two tightly
coupled systems. It was an expensive option considering the amount of time and resources
that would be required but it seemed like the best option to me. However, Mr.
Chika had a different approach that could solve the problem. He approached me
with the idea of creating a middle-ware component that would act as a broker
blurring the architectural incompatibilities and manages the data communication
between the two systems, effectively negating all initial interfacing issues.
He backed up the concept with a sample working demo project which later formed
the basis for a successful solution with lesser time and resources consumed.

Mr. Chika has a clear understanding of the principles of
software engineering and his ability to apply them to solve problems reflects
his excellent analytical abilities. His clarity in communicating his ideas and
ability to systematically deal with a problem at hand make him suitable for
team work. He was a developer with least number of defect/coding hour in our

I believe his decision to pursue a
master degree from your university is just about right at this time for him. His
research ability, persevering nature, well balanced personality and eagerness
to excel make him an apt candidate for research and advanced studies. He will,
without doubt, utilize this golden opportunity to expand his horizons and
position himself up for better opportunities and lead roles in his career. 

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