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Moving out of home and living away from parents is a milestone
with anyone. Nowaday, this trend is popular with many young people, especially
when they reach the age of eighteen. Some opponents of this trend cite that
living with parents is advantageous for young people in many aspects such as
finance or family supports. However, in reality, most of young people found
that living away from family develop their personal responsibility or improve
the family relationships.

First, it cannot be denied that living without family support
grow self-reliant characteristic. That means they have to do everything by
themselves, include making money, paying for expenses or taking care for their
own. According to Nagar, people have to wake up early, clean the bed on time,
make nutritious breakfast and eat it on time, hydrate body efficiently, buy
groceries, manage budget and all those million things (2017). Living
independent also bring young people valuable skills to solve problems in daily
life without relying on anyone. “When you live alone, you are solely responsible
for every move you make.”(Sriparna, 2014) Therefore, this trend is beneficial
for young people by developing their responsibility, which is very helpful in
forming a good personality.

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Second, it is the fact that when a person live away from
family, their family relationships were improved. Although this might sound
paradox, but every family has their own conflicts, especially between parents
and adolescents due to the parents controls. Consequently, living away from
parents might be a good method to give everybody the private space and time to
live their own lives. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, Larson said
(2014), and the only opportunity to visit parents not so often makes it more
special. Accordingly, parents will feel sad and lonely because their little
child is not here, and instead of fierce controversies, is precious talks,
cherished calls or surprised visits, and so forth. As a result, young people who
have problems in connecting with parents improved their family relationships by
living away from home.

However, supporters of living with family, especially
parents, may argue that this trend has many drawbacks. For example, it is not
easy to live alone, young people might meet a lot of struggles in finding a
job, getting along with the neighbours, or dealing with problems, and so forth.
That seems logical but that is the great chance to prove to everyone that they
can handle their own lives. “Moving out of home puts both your emotional
strength and your real life skills to the test.” (Ryan, 2016), young people
will have little choice but to become a responsible person, capable of making
informed decisions and correct choices. They will learn to better organize
their time and their priorities, and peer at any new event in life with
perspective and heightened awareness. One more objection to this way of living
which people may assume is the fanancial difficulties. As mentioned above, finance
is a must when someone want to live self-reliant. Many persons afraid that
young people cannot afford the expenses like living with parents. Although living
alone costs too much, but there are a lot of budgeting tips to follow in order to
afford living. (Diana, 2015) “The key to that is a simple formula of building
your lifestyle around your net income after savings.” Diana gives useful
advices like people have to take the net income, remove a portion for monthly
savings, and anything left after that is their budget. There are also available
ways to make ends meet such as finding a roomate to share the rent, saving
money, or following the specialist advices. For these reasons, drawbacks in daily
life as well as financial difficulties cannot make this way of living become a
negative tendency.

In conclusion, although
many people think that young people should only live with their family till
having a stable life, otherwise, they might meet a lot of disadvantages. Living
away from parents; however, is a good opportunity to challenge and discover
individual abilities in many aspects. Until now, there are more and more young
people choose to live independent and this is obviously not a negative trend. 

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