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Movie Review: “Dead Poets Society” “Dead Poets Society” is a movie where you can not make your own decision. The movie is a boy boarding school and their parents have already made their life up for them. John Keating is the teacher who tells the boys to “seize the day”, he wants them to break out of their shells. The school is an all boys prep academy, and their parents choose what they do in life and they don’t have any freedom. Who wants their parents to choose their lives? Not me. The boys are told to do something that they never do, and to go and explore the world for themselves not their parents. The “Dead Poets Society” is directed by Peter Weir and created by Tom Schulman. It was released June 2, 1989 and became a hit that everyone loved. It has many life lessons that people need in today’s world. John Keating wants his students to dream big and adventure outside their comfort zones. Some of the main characters are John Keating who is the teacher who wants the boys to explore life. Neil, Todd, Knox and Charlie are the boys who try to live life to the fullest, the are at the all boy prep academy. They are also the boys that John wants to “seize the day”. It’s the beginning of the school year for a group of students at Hellton Academy, an all boys boarding school in Vermont. An english teacher John Keating, he encourages his students to make their lives extraordinary and “seize the day”. John has many different techniques that make his students think from different points of view. John introduces the Dead Poets Society to the boy and they realise John was one of the members. Todd has been sent to this school where his popular older brother was well known. The boys go to a cave that used to be the Dead Poets Society, and has changed their life. The band together in recreating the Dead Poets Society. In the movie John had his students stand on their desks. The moment made me really think about the lesson behind it. He wanted them to see things from different point of views. I think that many people are selfish and don’t care to look from a different angle.  John wanted the boys to see that everything has another angle, point of view and you should look from more than one. I feel that many teens should watch this movie because it deals with teenagers. It is a little boring at first but I do recommend it. The Dead Poets Society has good life lessons I feel that we all need to learn. Our world today is lacking and needs some real life lessons. The teen boys are getting out from under their parents wings and can do new things. As you reach the end of the movie it gets sad a depressing but I won’t tell you why. You should watch it because of the importance to your life and everyone around you.

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