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                         Motivation Statement Career development needsplausible decisions in life which lead to success in one’s endeavors.

These cogentdecisions are based on multi-dimensional factors ranging from heed interests,gratification to knowledge and skills in hand. My choice of career has emergedfrom keen observations and proper planning. I have always kept myselfoptimistic and showed up to best of my capabilities. I believe that my positiveattitude, confidence and my innate potential will show up to success in mylife.

An unceasing longing tolearn and explore ties of the growing technological World, and the determinationfor becoming a researcher and show my best to its development fastened me to studyEngineering. Mechanical Engineering has been my long term passion withunceasing persistence and allegiance. I completed Bachelor of Science inMechanical Engineering from “Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of EngineeringSciences & Technology, Pakistan” in 2017. The Bachelor’s degree required meto complete a total of 136 credit hours out of which 113 as taught courses, 17as Labs and 6 credit hours of Final Year Research Project.

Kick-starting myundergrad was an incredible experience of my life and my discernment for essenceof Mechanical Engineering heightened. My ardour for understand and researchingthem in greater detail upraised further. My undergraduate courses of MechanicalEngineering has built my firm foundation of the basic principles of Mechanical Engineeringand the courses have provided commendable ground work for advanced study.

MechanicalEngineering Design, the tool for solving all complex Engineering problems isone of my most interested courses in Mechanical Engineering. The process of howan idea becomes reality is what mechanical engineers call Mechanical EngineeringDesign. Starting with meeting data collection requirements then creating aconceptual idea and design and proceeding to creating the detailed design, all processesrequire some thought and analysis. In short, any complicated problem isresolved with Mechanical Engineering Design concepts.

Due to my unprecedentedpassion for this course, my final year project was also based on concepts of MechanicalEngineering Design. With this tool, I was able to get my practical andtheoretical results in close coherence with very minute uncertainties. Side byside academia, I have actively participated in volunteer work by the technical studentsocieties (ASME & ASHRAE) in my undergrad and imparting awareness regardingblood donations in camps. I feel that getting education in an internationaleducational institute and living in such an environment with people havingsimilar goals and aspiration is an enthralling experience in one’s academic life.It is of considerable importance in one’s professional career and want to be apart of it because it will utilize my talent and capabilities optimally.

I feelthat graduate study at XYZ University is the best type of further educational juncturebecause of the flexibility incorporated in its learning system, itsinfrastructure and the intense interaction with the industry and exposure tothe latest technology. Replete with academic activity and excellent facilitiesin my field of interest are the most important factors which motivated me tochoose this program to pursue my graduate study.Last, but not the least,a considerably attractive feature of XYZ program is the multi-dimensional exposurethat it provides and also the living experience in multiple European countries.This would clearly be a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I would never wantto miss. My goals is to pursue a master degree in the field of Mechanical Engineeringand strive for excellence in that field thus contributing to the society. Iwish to be considered for possible financial assistance from your Departmentbased on my credentials thus making me feel that I am not dependent on othersfor my higher studies at the university.

Thank you very much for your valuabletime spent in evaluating my application and look forward to an enriching relationshipwith your university.Sincerely,Fawad KhanCandidate for MS in Mechanical EngineeringCanterbury University, New Zealand.

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