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“Most middle-class whites have no idea what it feels like to be judged by police who are routinely suspicious, rude, belligerent, and brutal,” -Benjamin Spock ( Years back the police in a lot of states have shot and killed a lot of unarmed black people”.  The brutal murders of Tamir Rice of Cleveland Ohio, Freddie Gray from Baltimore, Eric Garner from New York and Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old from Florida has sparked The Black Lives Matter movement.

Blacks from all over the United States have gathered and led protest marches in order to get  justice and a change in a racist system that causes police officers to kill black people and ask questions later. Black people make up 25% of these killings but only 13% of the nation’s population. Different Reports have shown that black people are more likely than their white peers to be killed by the police. Black people suffer from police brutality more than any other group in America.Research shows that black people are more likely to be killed by the police than white people. Available data available through the FBI and provided by VOX’s Dara Lind, found that the U.S. police kill black people at disproportionate rates.

Black people are more likely to suffer from unemployment and poverty. This along with the longstanding issues of segregation and being separated from white communities causes more violence within the black community, which as a result, place police presence inside of the black community. When police are positioned in the black community as a force, the residents become defensive. When the black people lash out against themselves or their community, police moves in and either arrest or kill them. As stated earlier, history has shown that there has been an issue with police in the united states and black people. in 1966 when the Black Panther Party was announcing their platform police brutality was one of the first issues they addressed. 50 years later the Black Lives Matter movement is overcoming the same issue. Racist actions against black people the police in the U.

S. has been deadly for a lot of individuals then and now. Racial biases has been stuck in the minds of many police officers in America, causing a tough relationship between them and those in the black community. Black people make up 13% of the nations population but 25% of police shootings are against black people.

The numbers of unarmed shootings against black people are even more shocking. Statisticslike this highlights the fact that there is a difference in the way police around the country use force. It has been written in the Guardian in 2015 that even unarmed black suspects represented 67% of police killings. Police violence against black people has been happening all across America. Black people are more likely to be accused and arrested for selling drugs although they are less likely to use them ( Many individuals would argue that police brutality has never been an issue and that the treatment of black people has been warranted. Events that has taken place historically and in the present will argue with that theory.

The Black Panther Party demanded police brutality to end in 1966, they marched  stood armed on the city officials steps and chanted for the violence against blacks to end. Half a century later the Black Lives Matter movement is addressing the very same issue. Black men and women, boys and girls are being gunned down by police force and it’s being justified. In the history of the U.S. white people, based on colonialist ideas, have place themselves as a natural authority over black people. Historically, white Americans created the idea that black people are uncivilized, intelligent and dangerous.

It is these ideas that are ingrained in the minds of police when they interact with black people, which leads to forceful behaviors against black individuals. Legalized forms of oppression such as the Jim Crow laws in the south states of America proves that blacks have never been treated equally to white people (huffingtonpost). In conclusion, the facts point to the issues of injustices of police brutality against black people and not whites. Although some would argue that there are no issues between police officers and black people, or that white individuals are treated the same, the past and present events say different. When black people in the southern states demonstrated peaceful protest, they were beat, spit on and sometimes shot while white people set back and looked on.

Today, black people are experiencing the same pain. Black men and women like Sandra Bland and Eric Garner who died violently at the hands of police officers proves that there are discrepancies in the way police use force against black people. There are no white Sandra Bland’s and there are no white Eric Garner’s.       

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