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Most people have their own perception of global
warming. What is clear is that most have a very vague idea of what global
warming is, only thinking along the line of rising temperature, ozone layer and
perhaps about deforestation.  But what is
actually Global Warming? Global warming is the
increase of the temperature in the atmosphere due to the carbon dioxide
emission. This creates a greenhouse effect in our atmosphere. Climate change is
changes in Earth’s temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure and clouds.

Climate change  also causes the sea level
rise, global tempereature rise, extreme weather events. Global waming is a
major atmospheric issue all over the world. Our Earth’s surface beoming hot day
by day by trapping the sun’s heat and rise in th level of atmospheric carbon
dioxide. The bad effects of it increasing day by day and causing major problems
to the living of human being. As a global citizen, it is important for all of
us to obtain awareness about global warming so that it is taken seriously. The
knowledge we gained can then be used in helping to lessen the effects of global
warming. This essay will discuss some of the things that we and the global
community can do to help reduce global warming. It will also bring forth three
effective measures in controlling the situation. Here are three measures that
we can take to control global warming. They are namely Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
(3RS), Governmnet Policy and Human Awareness.

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take Singapore for example. Even though Singapore is known for being a modern
and developed country, a lot can be done to help against global warming. Throughout
the last 45 years, Singapore has gone through a period of swift
industrialization and urbanization, coupled with high economic growth.

development has led to a six times increased in disposal waste from the 1970s
from 1,200 tonnes per day to 7,202 tonnes per day by 2009. (Lian Yong &
Savage, 2014)

The idea of consumerism is deeply implanted
into our minds. As we live, we love to buy new things, use and abuse them, and
throw them away once they are lost value to us. We are destroying our world. We
are using its resources faster than it is generating them. On top of that, we
are throwing away too much. By refusing to 
buy items that you do not need, reusing items more than once and
disposing the items that are no longer in use at appropriate recycling centers,
you can contribute towrds a healthier planet. 
The concept of reducing what is produced and what is consumed is
essential to the waste hierarcy. If there is less waste, then there is less to
recycle or reuse. The process of reducing begins with an examination of what
you are using, abd what it is used for. There are three simple steps to
assessing the reducing value of an item or process :-


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