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Most of Jr.'s greatest intellect to the surface came in college. He was blessed with severalprofessors that guided him and made his career path an easier choice. He decided that he wantedto be a minister, and preached his first trial sermon at Ebenezer, organized by his father, whoalready stood as a minister. The sermon went well and Jr. was ordained soon after. At nineteenhe graduated from Morehouse and went on to apply for the Crozer Theological Seminary, inwhich he was accepted into. His background and the opposition he faced gave him "a sense ofresponsibility he could not escape", according to Patterson. This school contained both whitesand blacks, and included both men and women. This sparked Jr.'s interest in the fight forequality, because he wanted to prove that black students were just as capable to be successful asthe white students. He graduated with the title of valedictorian and moved onto BostonUniversity. While in Boston, he met his future wife, Coretta Scott. He eventually became apastor of his own church by the name of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, located in Alabama.King Jr. is most widely known today for his involvement in the civil rights movement.However, he was not nationally noticed for his movement efforts until 1955, when he wasarrested for his part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He was chosen to lead the Boycott, whichplaced him in the position to be largely blamed and targeted. The Boycott was the refusal byblacks to give up their seats to white passengers, as famously demonstrated by Rosa Parks. Itplaced a large strain and difficulty on the transportation system in Montgomery at that time,because many blacks were participating in the Boycott. This consisted of walking to work for382 days, among other protests. The Boycott was eventually successful when the transportationsegregation law was lifted. The most noteworthy thing about Jr's protests was the fact that hisprotests were non-violent. He did not feel the need to use violence or force in order to state hiscase; he simply wanted to see a change in the world. Therefore, he led peaceful protests in orderto advocate for African American equality and human rights. His goal was to make the idea morewidespread in the hopes of seeing change. One of the most popular was his involvement in theSouthern Christian Leadership Conference, whose motto stated “Not one hair of one head of oneperson should be harmed.” This proved his passion for a more non-violent approach towardsequality. The first major move towards equality for the SCLC was registering African Americansto vote. The negative aspect of his efforts was the fact that this made him a target for whitesupremacists and those who disagreed with black equality, but it was a price that Jr. was willingto pay. His efforts were large, and

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