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Moral treatment

The birth of
asylum and moral treatment was intended to be a fundamental shift towards a
more Humananitarian approach. For the treatment of the insane in the early 19
century asylums  were created as a
formative institutions this brought medicine formally into the treatment of the
insane psychiatry what is directed towards curing mental disorders and moral
and treatment intended to replace brutality with kindness and idleness with
occupation, Thomas story Kirkbride implanted the Kirkbride plan which referred
to the mental asylums, design it facilitated light, air, views, segregation of
male and female and he believed that those who are the most insane would live
on the outside of the V and as the progressively got better they  would move in the centre, moral  treatment was a significant advances in
medicine in the 19 century occupation as were an essential  element of the moral treatment of the insane
some examples include manual labour tailoring sewing and maintenance of the institution
psychotherapy was coined and in 1981 to describe on you and groundbreaking form
of medical treatment  was replace by the
word psychotherapy, the reason for this change was because moral treatment was
not scientifically based.   Moral treatment model believed that all people
are entitled to compassion. One of the first activists for this course was
Philippe Pinel who took over and an insane asylum after the French Revolution
and was the 1st to use organise the programs of activity and occupation in such
institutions. In York England a Quaker named William tuke founded the York
retreat at this facility they began to implement the moral treatment approach
across the pond Benjamin rush another Quaker also promoted the moral treatment
demonstrating that establishing a structure and engage incident in work tasks
reported that health he was the 1st to do this in the United States he also was
a signer of the Declaration of Independence and has been called by many the
father of American psychiatry. The decline of moral treatment also had a big
impact as immigrants found it very difficult to adjust to the American life
immigrants were thought to be medically ill because of their different habits,
routines and traditions(Andersen,reed,2015,p.6).

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Dr Herbert
hall (1870-1923)

Herbert hall
became very interested in “nervous disorders” he believed that patients would
gain self esteem by doing productive things, rather than been giing medication,
as he beived that medication would not help a person get better physically it
would only help any pain that they had(


Edward Barton (1877-1923)


Eleanor Clarke slagle (1871-1942)

Eleanor started off as a social worker she then went back to
study and done curative occupation.  She
started the mental hygiene movement the idea of it was to help people who could
not use some of their body parts find some type of occupation (reed, sanderson,
1999). She then came up with the idea of habit training, which would replace
the bad with the new. Eleanor became director in 1922 of the mental hygiene
where she promoted training and education, she held this position until she
died which was in 1942(kielhofner, 2009).


bessell kidner (1866-1932)

kidner became known for constructing intuitions for the physically disabled,
most of these building had workshops for occupational therapy, later Thomas
became very interested in tuberculosis and helped in the making of buildings
for people with this disease, Thomas main role was to make building with
occupational therapy in mind(punwar,peloquin,2000).


Susan Cox
Johnson (1876-1932)

Susan was an
arts and crafts teacher and was an member founding member of the NSPOT, she
used her arts and crafts the help the sick and disabled, find occupations in
there day to day life (ikiugu,ciaravino,2007).


Susan Tracy

Susan Tracy
used activities and occupations with  her
clients, Susan Tracy encouraged the use of activities and stressed how
important it was, Tracy was not an occupational therapist but she had laid all
the ground work down for the profession, she also made the first occupational therapy
book what was called “studies for invalid occupations”(marcil,2007,p.21)


Newton was George Barton’s secretary she was going to be soon married to him;
she was also in the meeting at the consolation house where they formed the
national society for the promotion of occupational therapy (peters, 2013, p.8)

 William rush dunton jr (1868-1966)

William rush
is known as the father of occupational therapy, dunton was a craft man and
believed that there is a therapeutic value when doing arts and crafts (cara,mcrea,2005,p.61)
he was the founder of the national society, and started a course for nurses
which was the arts and crafts for habit training

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