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Monkeys cover many of the regions around the world. They usually live in regions with mostly trees because they like to stay high to protect themselves from predators such as cheetahs or jaguars. Some monkeys live in savannahs and some in mountain regions. The reason they hang out in trees is because their bodies are built for strength and agility, they are also fast and flexible and can move around the trees quickly.

This allows them to thrive in the environment and and escape predators. They normally like to stay at high ground because of all the animals that can easily take them out. When the monkeys get hungry it is very specific because what foods they eat depends on the species of monkey. Different species of monkeys have different diets in food and there are a variety of choices. Monkeys don’t just eat bananas they eat some berries and other foods as well. Monkeys would eat a lot a day because they just are moving around most of the time.

They move around because they are trying to make sure the area is clear so no predators are around so they can get food or something on the ground and look for another tree if it’s to far away. Monkeys don’t have a lot of predators monkeys only are in danger by something that is fast, eats meat, and can’t climb trees as easily.Monkeys are fooling around sometimes as we all know if you go to a zoo they are always laughing and throwing banana peels everywhere. When monkeys do this they are just trying to have fun because in a zoo they are locked in a cage and aren’t really allowed to do anything so they try to make the best of it. But, in the jungle they are sometimes surrounded by their predators which makes it hard for them to stay on the ground a lot.

If they come down from the tree they can try to outrun the predator because they are fast but normally they would get outran and the predator would get an easy lunch or dinner. Obviously they can swing from tree to tree but sometimes the branch or vine they grab on to can break or slip and they can fall and get hurt but worse get eaten. They are basically made for being in the trees, Monkeys are flexible to make getting around corners on vines and branches easier.

Monkeys are fast to move faster than some of their predators, and Monkeys are strong so they can keep themselves up for a long period of time. Monkeys are important because without them living in jungles then how would they eat or drop some of the fruit for us to have today like we wouldn’t have had the materials when we first learned about these fruits and we might not have had chocolate because the jungle trees have cocoa beans in the trees and we probably would not have a clue that food was growing that high up of a tree at the time.  

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