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Modern world historycomes from thousands years of human history. Established many eras in its historythat affect the human life which are belief, art, and order. The middle ageshave other names which are “the dark ages” and “the ages of religion, but themost known name of this period is Medieval which is comes from Latin; and itwas the period of European history in between 500AD and 1500 AD. In the middleages there are many events that happened in that time. The Middle Ages beginswith the fall of the Roman Empire, the romans ruled some provinces the MiddleEast and North Africa; also there was a consequences which is the division ofroman because of the weakness. So the empire was divided into two, The WesternRoman Empire which is the capital city of Rome and the capital city of fConstantinople (The eastern Roman Empire).

 There are many factors that were the reason to make the middle Ages: traditions of Christianity, the Germanic tribes,vestiges of the Roman administrative and legal system, classical world legacyand rules, and contact with Islamic civilization. The Rome’s greatest legacy about the Christianityis that the Barbarians desired the farmlands, roads and wealth of theWestern Roman Empire, and The unintended consequence of conquest was that thetribes spread the Christian faith throughout all the peoples of Europe, Rome’sofficial religion since 395 had been Christianity. This ended nearly threecenturies of persecution of Christians (including being burned alive, crucifiedand thrown into the gladiatorial arenas). There was only one recognized church(the Roman Catholic) the Pope is the head of the church.

Christianity becamethe official religion of Rome following the conversion of Emperor Constantinein 312.  The middle Ages responsethe feudalism system, the waves of invaders and raiders during the 800s and900s made central control of Europe very difficult. A system based on localpower and loyalty emerged and raised, this was called as feudalism. The feudalismis a political and social system that grow together.  Kings, Lords and Peasants in a relationshipbased upon loyalty and land.

Feudalism was a way to provide protection andsecurity quickly, it is focused on the importance of a special mode ofland tenure to the detriment of other, more significant aspects of social,economic, and political life.

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