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Modern Fiction is a shorter essay that acts as a
critic and as a guide. Through it, Woolf is criticising great writers of the
previous generation about their writings skills and their contribution to the literary
evolution, but also it acts as a guide for the new generation of writers,
inspiring them to follow their own instincts as writer and not to follow any special
method. She recognises that the earlier novelist did a great job with simple
tools and primitive material but with and air of simplicity. However,
literature has not evolved yet instead of the technology advance. Mrs
Mahavidyalaya wrote Literature, according to T.S. Eliot, is like everything
else, a process which makes the present. Therefore, it does not just improve,
it always keeps changing. Its material is not same. Mrs. Woolf agrees with
Eliot on this point and says: “We do not come to write better, we only keep on
moving now a little in this direction, now in that but with a circular motion.”

Woolf mentioned how traditionalist can be writers as
H. G. Wells, Arnold Bennet and Galsworthy who were still following the
Victorian tradition as far as the novel technique is concerned, focusing on the
force of the environment in the individual.  For them, the environment was a great force on
the individual; however, they differ in subject matter. A writer who follows
the traditional method seems constrained, not by his own free will but some
powerful and unscrupulous tyrant, as Woolf says. These writers portrait life in
a vagueness way, and though their method no truth or reality can possibly exist
in their works. Woolf defines life as a changing process never fixed, “life is
a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning
of consciousness to the end”. In her essay, defended that it must be the
writers the ones who create that non-static life with an unknown and
uncircumscribed spirit, which could be one reference to the Stream of Consciousness.

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In conclusion, the aim of Woolf´s Modern Fiction is to
teach writers the correct way of writing and what she hopes for them to write. This
correct writing is no other than to write what interest to the writer in his or
her own way to write. She suggests “Any method is right, every method is right,
that expresses what we wish to express, if we are writers, that brings us
closer to the novelists? intension if we are readers.”

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