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Modern age wireless networks have made the integrated
networks a reality by bringing fundamental changes to data networking and
telecommunications. A wireless network enables the ease of accessing
applications & information without the use of cables. This opens the door
for seamless access of data while the users are not stationery. Wireless
networking has seen a growth it much higher pace in last decade or so due to
its application in mobile and personal communications. Easy setting up is
another reason for the increased popularity. High density wireless networks are
being deployed worldwide due to this specific reason, where the number of
clients require application throughput exceed the capacity of the traditional “coverage
oriented” WiFi design. In these scenarios, even the best planned networks that
provides good signal to noise ratio throughput the desired coverage area is not
sufficient to ensure high performance due to inadequate capacity. Here the
limiting factor is airtime, since WiFi is reliant on shared and unbounded
medium, clients and access points must content between each other for available
airtime to transmit data.


Link between the access point and
the client is shared among all clients. Therefore signal strength cannot be
taken analogous. Instead, the aggregated capacity must be determined across the
entire client base and the network must be designed to distribute the load
effectively. In addition to coverage and signal strength  Spectral capacity, channel utilization,

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frequency reuse, and regulatory requirements  become important considerations in Wi-Fi
design. This requires facility characteristics study, client capabilities,
application requirements for successful deployment. End goal would be to segment
clients to the smallest possible collision domain (Different, non interfering
frequencies) while maximizing spectral efficiency.

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