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mobile and computing devices, such as smartphones.
With the increasing data usage, it becomes a challenge to make mechanical
connectors in an acceptable form factor and still maintain the signal
integrity. Kiss Connectivity reinvents the connector by creating a tiny
solid-state coffee bean-sized connector which can be embedded anywhere along
the surface of the device. Kiss Connectivity is no longer visible as the
connection is made by an Extremely High Frequency (EHF) signal over a very
short distance.

 Mechanical Reliability

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Connectivity is a solid-state solution which eliminates the metal contacts
which are prone to wear-and-tear from repeated consumers’ physical connecting
and disconnecting traditional connectors. Kiss Connectivity does not require
physical interconnection to transfer data, which results in near-zero wear,
near-zero potential for corrosion, and near-zero sensitivity to vibration.
Unlike a metal connector with precise pin to pin alignment, Kiss Connectivity  need not be perfectly aligned, or inserted
carefully in order to make a connection.

Radio Frequency Interference

 In an attempt
to meet the ever-increasing market demand to move more data more quickly, some
smartphone manufacturers have incorporated USB 3.0 in their products. However,
this protocol is often disabled due to the potential interference between USB
3.0 and the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard. The USB 3.0 connector radiates within the
802.11 frequency band. By replacing the metal USB connector with a contactless
interface, Kiss Connectivity removes this potential interference while enabling
full USB 3.0 protocol speeds to be achieved.

 ESD Considerations

 Due to the
contactless nature of the Kiss Connectivity, connection has inherently high
isolation properties and potential electrostatic discharge (ESD) issues are
mitigated due to the elimination of exposed pins in metal connectors. In
addition, Kiss Connectivity can be electrically isolated in plastic or other
non-conductive materials to further mitigate ESD.

Cost Efficient

connectors inherently have the extra fabrication and manufacturing costs. For
example, physical limitations of placing connectors along the outer edges of a
device requires machining chassis with tight tolerance for connector cutouts.



Wireless communications have many shortcomings, it
includes limited data security, low data rates, unreliable connections, shared
bandwidth amongst  the users, difficult
setup, high power and potential high cost of transferring data over a wireless
network. Kiss Connectivity addresses each of these shortcomings, by enabling a
simple, private, secure, and a high -performance data connection between two
devices. With Kiss Connectivity, users can bypass the cellular networks for
highspeed, localized data transfers that can be up to 95% faster than the
wireless networks.

 Secure Point-to-Point Data Connection

wireless networks provide public, multi-point connections that are not
necessarily the most secure. Kiss Connectivity provides a private point-to-point
connection. Because of the low radiated power and limited range of  transmission, the links are nearly impossible
to tap. This ensures secure and reliable high-speed data transfers between a
pair of devices in close proximity.

 Ease of Use

Connectivity allows users to transfer data much more quickly and easily than the
wireless networks. This does not require any setup in order to perform the data
transfer. Simply place two devices together, and initiate the transfer of
selected data. Kiss Connectivity, using the USB 3.0 protocol, can transfer a 1
GByte movie in 2 seconds.

Power Reduction

Connectivity facilitates high-speed data transfers between the devices. Since overall
data transmission time is  reduced dramatically
versus existing technologies, which reduces battery consumption. Kiss
Connectivity data transfers can occur nearly instantaneously while using a
minimal amount of energy.

Cost of Data Transfer

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