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Mobile App Designing What is a Mobile Application? A portable application or versatile application is a product application. Fundamentally, it is a PC created program composed and created to keep running on iPhone, Cell phones, tablets and numerous other cell phones. Without question, the world has acknowledged the way that applications are the best approach to get the greater part of the cell phones.History of Applications As we think back to the historical backdrop of the versatile applications, we can unmistakably make sense of that a couple of Java diversions, a number cruncher or month to month logbook were all that we could have on our cell phones. The primary cell phone was declared for general use by IBM in 1993 which accompanies highlights like mini-computer, world clock, schedule and contact book. In the year 2002 the Blackberry discharged their cell phone which was cutting edge accomplishment in the field of portable application advancement. After Blackberry Samsung and Apple came into rivalry with Blackberry when they presented Apple store and Android Play store which individuals loved a ton and this time was progressive as this has changed the entire working of the world. The vast majority have cell phones and iPhones today, so applications are anything but difficult to get to and essentially improve our life and productive. There are a large number of portable applications at exhibit. For instance, applications for interpersonal organizations, travel, wellbeing, saving money , wellness, schedules, recreations, news and considerably more. The Android play store includes 20,000 applications consistently.How an App is createdStep 1: Define your goal about what kind of application you want to make , what will be the purpose of the application and how it can solve or help people to access it and make a good use of it.Step 2: Start designing and brainstorming your brain about the features you want to put in the app and visualize or conceptualize the layout or design of your app. The platform on which you want your app to be which are Google play store and Apple store.Step 3: Research which includes;1. Find out the competitors of the app you are going to launch or make who are doing the same thing as you.2. Create a unique and new design of your app which will be different from your competitors.3. Look out for the technical knowledge or requirement you need for the development of an app.4. Find out how you can market or monetize your app to the audience or general public. How Applications make money for their creatorsUnderstanding the monetization options available for free apps or making your apps paid. Most of the creators for their start make free apps but still it helps them to earn money from various ways which are In-app purchases and In-app advertising. 1. In-app purchases: In app purchases means when you purchase some stuff while using the application for example; if you are playing a game and you die or lose in the game but you still want to continue that game from the same position where you died then there’s this option for that but it’s going to be paid. There are even music applications where you can listen to music but you cannot select win which order the music should be played which is ‘Spotify’ to select songs or download them you need to take subscription for a month or an year or so. 2. In-app advertising: In-app advertising is the most popular method used by the developers of the application. In this method various companies to advertise their product would want to advertise it by the medium of apps because nowadays people are mostly using these apps on daily purpose and these companies also know that this is the best way to advertise their product or anything, So these companies pay the creator of the application to advertise their product. That’s how this is the other way how app creators make money even if they developed free app.. These advertisements also includes pop-ups advertising. 3. If the creator wants to make the money from the start, which is if he wants his app to be paid then he must research and get to know his app market and users and how much these users will intend to purchase the app even before using it. This decision includes risk because most of the people want to have access of the app or a trial for the app before purchasing it.Apps that we like to useWhatsapp:1. This application is free messaging and free calling app which includes both audio calling and video calling2. This app is free to download and free to use all year without any kind of In-app purchases, it is overall free.3. If they suddenly make the app paid and no longer free we are still going to pay for the app because we have become dependent on this app and do a lot of our daily tasks, calls or messaging to our friends, relatives.4. When we will pay for this app it is going to help the app developer make greater profits because the cost of the app would be the same as it was before. Instagram:1. This application helps us to share our pictures and our daily fun to our friends and family and helps us to connect with them.2. This app is free without any In-app purchases.3. If they suddenly make the app paid I think we will not pay for it because there are several other apps like Facebook and snapchat which have the same features but for free.Our Application Our application is ‘At Your Home’ is based on food delivery app, in which we will provide the service of ordering the food online from your favourite restaurants at your home. The food will be delivered at your doorsteps in minimal time. Features and BenefitsFeatures:1. Our food delivery app will take the food orders online from the restaurants which people like to order the food from.2. We will be delivering the food to their doorsteps in just 30 minutes which can be affected location of the customer.3. They will get points added to their account whenever they order something from our app and once the points are enough they can redeem it for discounts and all.Benefits:1. In the winters when people don’t like to go out to eat at their favourite restaurant they can get that food delivered to their home without going outside.2. They will be getting discounts on repeated or regular ordering food from our application.3. They can check the prices of foods at different restaurants and can have a variety of restaurants to choose from and ordering the food.4. If someone need to send someone a treat meal they can do it from our app as we can deliver the food wherever the customer will tell us to. Our CompetitorsOur competitors for the food delivery application are·         Food panda app.·         Skip the dishes.·         Just eat.·         Uber eats.These four mentioned apps are the major competitors which we will be going to face and they are quite popular among people so it will be difficult to compete with such app  but if you have better or unique ideas you can compete with them or can even overcome in the competition. We feel that our application will be superior from these competitors is that we will look after the best interest of our customers and will try to create a bond between customers and our app. Our main focus would be on providing the best services to our customers so that they will built a trust on our app and this will help to gain our users more and more as we keep providing better services and food delivered on time and that’s how we can get superior than our competitors. Target MarketOur target market for our food delivery app would be:·         Corporate offices.·         Senior citizen centers.·         Schools, Colleges and Institutions.·         Industrial area.·         Suburbs of major cities.These groups of people would be our target market because:1. We have a group of people who cannot cook food by themselves so they have to go out to eat or be dependent on someone for food but our app would help them to get their food while staying at home without any effort.2. We also have a group who likes to eat outside or prefer to eat outside than the food made at home like students so they will have this chance to order the food from their homes.3. We also have a group of people who work and don’t have any restaurants nearby their working place so our app would help them to get the food at their workplace and they don’t have to be bothered anymore.Promotion: 1. Reference Discount: We have this reference discount in which if someone recommend his friend or family member about our app and they download our app so the person who recommended other will get some credits in his account for which he can further avail discounts on his own orders. 2. B2B Promotions: We will be venturing with some well-known restaurants so that if they order from these specific restaurants then they will be getting some discounts. It will help us both the restaurant and our app. 3. Digital Media Promotion: We will promote our app on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This will help us to reach to a lot of users who uses apps and once they will know about our app and see the offers of our app they would be downloading our app. 4. Point-card Promotion: In this when you regularly or repeatedly order food from our app you will be earning points for your account for every order and once you will reach the specific points then you can avail discounts on further order from our application. Creating Our App Creation of our ‘At Your Home’ food delivery app:1. We have created a logo in which there’s emoticon of house which describes that food will be delivered at your house.2. Once you have downloaded the app and you open it you will first the home screen of our app where you will see our logo of our app.3. Once the home screen is loaded you will have an option to choose three of your favourite preferred cuisines, so you can select them and then you will be having a special menu according to your preferences.4. You can now order food from looking at the menu or restaurants like McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, etc. and enter your address where you want it to be delivered.5. Then you have to select the payment method about how are you going to pay which includes debit/credit card option, promotion cards, cash, once you have selected the payment method after that your order will be dispatched for delivery to your home. Role of our team:1. Harvikram Virk will handle the accounts of the application about how much orders we get in a month and how much revenue we generate from it and calculating the profit in final.2. Raj Mendapara will handle the online orders and operate the app operations like orders which are need to be completed.3. Puneet Thind will be on call for customer service.

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