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Mistakes, people are found making them almost everyday. Everyone makes mistakes from the moment they are born and throughout their lives. Why, because no one is perfect. Some individuals have birth defects that can cause them to make mistakes quite often. All of the characters in the following works have all made mistakes that either get them in trouble or hurt. The works are Flowers for Algernon, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Regarding Henry, Dumb and Dumber, The Simpsons, and Wikipedia: Learning disability. Each of the character make mistakes whether they are by accident or just careless. Everybody makes mistakes whether they’re the most clumsy or most careful person in the world. No one is perfect. In Daniel Keyes science fiction book Flowers for Algernon constructed in 1959; Keyes explains that given Charlie is only able to have a basic level of skills yet he also knows that he is and that others make fun of him. The book itself is made of Charlie’s progress reports he writes every day, as the book progresses Charlie starts to open up about the people he works with at the bakery and how he knows everything they say behind his back but he chooses to ignore it. Daniel Keyes, wants to show that no matter what, always fight through your struggles in order to prove others and sometimes yourself wrong. He wants to motivate his audience to preserve.Mark Haddon’s mystery book, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time drafted in 2003; demonstrates that having a disorder or disadvantage can be very challenging to do everyday activities especially solving a mystery. Haddon, at the beginning shows the main autistic character Chris accidentally punches a cop due to a misunderstanding. Then towards the end Chris is underestimated by everyone and expected to fail his big math exam however ends up doing better than anyone in the class. This book was written to show that even though some have disadvantages they can still do amazing things in order to show awareness. Mark Haddon establishes an emotional yet motivated relationship with the audience showing the characters are going through hard times but also pushing through them.J.J. Abrams’ drama movie Regarding Henry filmed in 1991; asserts that even if you have everything in life you can lose it in a blink of an eye. Abrams shows that Henry has a perfect and successful but in one moment it all almost disappears. Abrams purpose of this movie was to show that life is fragile and precious. The relationship Abrams develops with his audience is very emotional and stresses to live each day as if it was your last.Peter Farrelly comedy Dumb and Dumber created in 1994; claims that while being dim-witted all individuals can do some good. Farrelly shows that Lloyd and Harry are dim-witted but they were able to help a woman get her husband back from captivity. Farrelly’s purpose was to show no matter what the circumstance people can help others in order to motivate people. The intended audience was individuals who wanted to see a comedy and thriller movie. Al Jean’s comedy tv episode The Simpson?s “HOMR” Season 12, Episode 9, made in 2001; suggests that no matter what the case everyone can be smart. Jean assets that with Homer being very dumb at the beginning of the episode but taking the crayon out of his head makes him smarter. Jean was trying to motivate the audience realize that hard work pays off in order to make them believe they can do amazing things. The intended audience was people trying to watch something short and funny.In the Wikipedia article titled Learning Disabilities written in 2009; the author states that there are different causes and methods used for coping with disabilities. The author clarifies different learning disabilities, terminology, and the challenges disabled individuals face. The author is trying to show what people with disabilities go through on a day to day basis in order to increase awareness. The intended audience is the general population, caregivers, parents or  individuals with these disabilities. Between Flowers for Algernon, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Regarding Henry, Dumb and Dumber, and The Simpsons all characters are at a disadvantage throughout their journey and have to fight through it. In Flowers for Algernon, Charlie is at a disadvantage because he was born with only basic level of skills and can’t progress any higher. Enduring ridicule he has to exists in the real world by getting a job and having to deal with others who are smarter than him. Chris in the curious incident of the dog in the night-time has autism. This disorder causes him to punch a cop who he thought was attacking him and he almost is sent to juvenile hall. The Wikipedia Article: Learning disability ties into these two works the most. Both Charlie and Chris have learning disabilities which causes them to do things at a slower pace as described in the article. Henry a lawyer who had it all, until he was shot in the head which causes him to lose his complete memory. Henry has to go through rehab, learning to speak, walk, eat, and even know his own family. Henry in one scene of the movie goes out for a walk and based on his body language is lost and has to find his way back home. He goes from a hard as nails lawyer to a vulnerable human. Harry and Lloyd two dim-witted friends had both had been fried from their jobs and had no money and needed to get to Colorado. However with no money they had to drive from the east coast to Colorado with many setbacks. When they are getting back onto the freeway from filling up gas Lloyd goes the opposite way setting them a day behind and also trading their van for a motorcycle causing them to freeze in the Rockies. Homer Simpson one of the most iconic characters on television. Homer at a young age had shoved a full box of crayons into his nose and one ended up piercing his brain which caused him to not be intelligent. When doctors see this they remove the crayon and make Homer as smart as his daughter Lisa. However with Homer being very smart he proves God isn’t real and many other things. One day at the Nuclear factory where he works, he realizes that they were not following any safety measures putting all workers in danger. Homer then sends a letter to the company president causing the factory to shut down and everyone loses their jobs. At this point everyone is mad at Homer and he wishes he can go back to being dumb. He then shoves the crayon back in his brain and resumes his normal day to day life. Disadvantages can cause a person to have a completely different life than an average person. A thread like this is worth discovering to show how some people’s life is with a disability, and how lucky you should be to have a normal life and not have to go through struggles everyday. The concept is relevant because it shows people that not everyone has a normal life. Some people have to go through a struggle everyday just to do simple tasks. Others could do it in 5 seconds while it could take them minutes. All characters in all these works have some kind of disadvantage. In Flowers for Algernon Charlie has a disadvantage because he was born with only a basic level of skills and can’t progress or learn more. In the curious incident of the dog in the night-time Chris has autism which can cause him to see things differently and be slower than others. In Regarding Henry, Henry refuses to give his wallet to a robber which causes him to get shot in the head. As a result Henry loses his memory which makes it harder for him to do anything. In Dumb and Dumber both Lloyd and Harry make numerous dumb mistakes because they are dim-witted. Finally in The Simpsons Season 12, Episode 9, Homer figures out he had a crayon shoved in his brain which stopped him from growing his brain to learn more things. All of these characters are disadvantaged, unique, and fight through their hardships.

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