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Military robots are those autonomous robots or simply devices that are controlled by remotes. If such devices are used mainly for military applications, then they are referred to as military robots.  These robots can be traced back in World War II or Cold War where they were mainly designed by the Germans. Jus ad bellum help in determining the legality of the use of force to administer war. It helps determine whether a state has broken the law to use a certain amount of force beyond its borders (Alpert, 2012). It has now been proven that the use of military robots on the ground has continuously lowered the jus ad bellum threshold. This is because it results into excessive destruction of property and loss of lives. These days, we have soldiers risking their lives defending their beloved country. Many casualties and deaths are happening because of the killing of humans and natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornados. What they need is better equipment or maybe robots that can support the soldiers of the military to give them the source of victory and protection. Of course not every country is going to have a robot because of how much the cost it will be to build one. In the US, we are considered to have the strongest military in the world and thus we need the strongest robots that can save lives. In the future, it is possible that robots can be created to have artificial intelligence to support soldiers in the battles of war. As much as there are some negative effects that come along when military robots are used on the ground, the advantages override the negativity by far. The fact that military robots lack emotions and hence can cause a lot of destruction during war, should be changed through research. Research should be developed to help curb the failures that might come across when using robots during war. All in all, despite the fact that robots are fast and accurate in military execution, countries should not rush to war unless it is totally avoidable. There are other options for solving conflicts between countries apart from war. Given from how advanced our technology is, the ability to produce an artificial intellectual robot is possible. Robots are researched and built for many years now. As for the 21st century, technology inventions have been faster than ever. It won’t be soon until we have these military robots to secure our worrisome future. There may be people who would invent robots for the bad, however we have the United States alliance with many strong nations against that threat. In the future, together with the Jaeger, developed land mine, and other types of robot that can replace people in a dangerous situation for they are helping hand mechanics; it can be replaced and made again while humans cannot. 

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