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Methods and ProceduresTopic Selection    Visiting your local dentist is not the only option left when it comes to preventative care. Purchasing the right tools to have at home can ease the burden of having to deal with oral cavity diseases. There are plenty of product competitors, for example, water picks, oral rinses, whitening toothpaste, etc. They all argue the powerful properties that can benefit users, although research for these products made it clear, that such products cannot be used by themselves, unlike a powered brush. Having a healthy set of teeth starts from brushing correctly. Any other products you use apart from your brush or electric toothbrush, become auxiliary aids. Preventative oral care begins at home. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a literature review paper from other research to fully inform patients and readers of the benefits electric toothbrushes provide while reducing or halting the risk of future periodontal disease. Resource Search and SelectionA search of peer-reviewed articles was conducted, focusing on a variety of dental hygiene tools, resulting in 4,641 articles. Several results debated the benefits of electric toothbrushes, so the search was narrowed and returned 241 articles that focused on these subject. Reviewing the abstracts led to several keywords that were implemented into the search, resulting in the use of 6 articles.         Libraries/ search engines and databases used. Several databases were used to search for the sources for this project. The databases were (a) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (b) Database of Journals ProQuest, and (c) PubMed.          Search terms. Several search terms were used to identify sources for this project. The search terms included (a) dental hygiene products, (b) consumer friendly powered brushes, (c) technology in electric toothbrushes, (d) innovated features in power brushes, (e) electric toothbrushes and gingivitis, (f) Periodontal disease and electric toothbrushes. Filters were used to narrow down the search from 2013-2017.         Boolean strings. No Boolean string were used.        Age of the Sources. The significant literature will be reviewed. Only sources from the last five years were considered for inclusion in the review of the literature.DiscussionOral disease is a significant factor in our society. Many conditions can develop from an unhealthy oral cavity, with bacteria being easily formed within minutes. Gingivitis or inflammation of gum tissues is the first stage of gum disease caused by plaque buildup. Once the plaque is calcified, it turns into tartar or calculus, therefore causing your gums to be in pain and bleed. Incorporating an electric toothbrush to a daily dental hygiene routine can help decrease the risk of periodontal disease by reducing plaque by 11%, gingivitis by 6%, and reduce gum bleeding by up to 17% (Leena Palomo, D.D.S, 2014). Gingivitis, being a reversible disease, can be prevented in many ways. Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials did a study, which asked 4,624 participants to use powered toothbrushes at least three months (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd 2014). After 56 trials, results showed a significant improvement of oral hygiene, with both plaque reduced up to 11% and gingivitis was decreased by 6%.  Powered toothbrushes are better since it provides customers with the option of customizable heads. According to the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs, rotating oscillating heads are consistently demonstrating significant improvement out of all other electric toothbrushes. They announced in 2017 five new series of the Oral B oscillating, rotating electric toothbrushes to receive The American Dental Association seal of approval.(Oral-B Power toothbrush, 2017). Manual toothbrushes do not have the same diverse cleaning options, as they can only operate a side to side motion. Combating gingivitis can be as simple as making the switch from manual to electric toothbrushes. Several studies showed similar results, indicating that powered brushes will always aid in reducing any periodontal disease. Therefore proving the effectiveness of implementing an electric toothbrush to your daily oral hygiene routine is one way to mitigate this risk.Domesticating a new technology can be fun and enticing for users, encouraging individuals to invest in their oral hygiene routines. Cellphones are a great example of the power a developmental technology appliances can do for society. You can communicate with anyone around the world, utilize GPS capabilities to travel anywhere on your own, and track your health. People are always on the hunt to own the newest technology in the market, this desire for new technology has translated into the dental hygiene market. Electric toothbrushes have become an enticing commodity because of the technology it provides. According to a P&G spokesman, data has shown utilizing technology helps with allowing you to become more responsible and accountable for your health (Delane, Lonni, 2015). Data showed that in 12 months, people succeeded in brushing, flossing, rinsing, and tongue cleaning for more extended periods of time. The idea of having a private, smart, and personalized oral routine can lead anyone to a positive behavioral change. Electric toothbrushes feature an intelligent approach to tooth brushing by featuring new capabilities. For example, the Oral-B Toothbrush has triple pressure control, which aids people who brush aggressively, to slow down and use less force (Shannon, Pace, 2016). Helping to avoid gum damage, recession, and sensitivity problems. By having a professional timer option on your powered brush, it allows users to meet the standards of what a dental professional recommends, which is to brush for a minimum of two minutes every brushing session. Position detection technology is an innovative element for those who often brush one side of their mouths more than the other. By having this detection technology, it guarantees all your mouth zones are cleaned efficiently. Oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology is the leading feature out of all them. These interchangeable heads can be customized to the client’s needs. For example, by using a smaller head with thinner bristles, the rotating and pulsating motion can efficiently clean any difficult to reach areas. Pace noted that approximately 98% of the evaluators felt committed and motivated to improve their brushing habits. Overall electric toothbrushes have proven to deliver outstanding results. These features in the powered brushes will help anyone to achieve success in bettering their oral hygiene care.Creating fun games and applications for electric toothbrushes attract people into using their product to their fullest potential. People are always looking for more from their technology, so developers are constantly listening to their consumer needs. Applications allow users to share their desire goals, achievements, and progress with family and friends. The encouragement of others and maintaining a healthy competition helps with improving the habits you are willing to change via this technological use. “Kolibree and Ubisoft have teamed up, 2016” and developed a fun, interactive tooth brushing game for all ages. It consists of using an electric toothbrush as a gaming controller. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone. The screen displays fun and entertaining visuals, with a guide. Helping users to efficiently brush utilizing 3D motion sensors, providing real-time feedback into perfecting a good brushing routine. According to their study, 79% of users said the dental hygiene of their family was improved. When utilizing the designed app, 80% have said that the app has helped them to identify areas of their teeth that need to be brushed better. Implementing games and fun technology inspires users into actively using their purchased product. In this case a powered toothbrush it’s a fantastic approach to technology while creating a positive impact on your health. According to a study performed by the Contemporary Products Solutions stated that almost 98% of the patients evaluated became more committed and motivated to improve their brushing habits by utilizing an electric toothbrush.ConclusionElectric toothbrushes can decrease the threat of periodontal diseases by introducing an efficient and enticing technique with a new technological approach, allowing modern American adults to achieve optimal oral health. Electric toothbrushes have been proven to lower the risk of gingivitis. Taking a step into making a change to electronic toothbrushes will help reduce and prevent gingivitis. Using an electric toothbrush encourages people to brush daily because of its innovating features. Letting technology take over while it provides guidance, but at the same time learning and implementing these new simple changes in your daily dental routine will motivate you as you continue to use these features. Electric toothbrushes encourage people into brushing every day because it is fun to utilize new technology. As technology keeps evolving so does our products, their functionalities are updated and simplified. These new ways to brush, gives the consumers a more interactive experience. Based on research acquiring an electric toothbrush will be very beneficial. Not only will it help combat periodontal disease, but it will help to shape a stronger dental routine.

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