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eWaiter system will digitalize the way of food
ordering system. eWaiter provides an attractive presentation of food items
in  menu. It is an updated version of
paper based system. It provides a better and efficient way to search, select
and place order. eWaiter makes it easy for managers to update menu items and their
price. Here below we are discussing the methodology of our system.

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3.1.1 System Components:

system basically consists of the following main components. The backend which
is of database and web server and front end that includes both the tablet
(delivered as android application) and kitchen display (delivered as a web
application). We have used;

Visual Studio 2015 for developing web application.

Xamarin for android application.

SQL server 2012 is a light weight Database which is going to be used for

3.1.2 System Overview:

The most important components of this
system are database and tablet .

system is presented with a tablet, running the Android application. This
tablet is synchronized with the database running on  centralized server of restaurant.

The menu data, upon synchronization, is
store  on the tablets so that the users,
doesnot need to wait for the menu to be downloaded from the server. This allows
quick/fast access to the menu.


The user can then browse the menu whatever  they want to, sorting the items on various dimensions
like price, name, category, ratings, etc.


System provides menu recommendation to the
customer such as if customer order any food item then  our system will shows related food item to
that order.


The user can also view recommendations for items
. This is one of the most important aspects of our system that not only
enhances the customer experience but can also help increase revenue for the


While browsing through the menu, the customer
may add items to his/her order. After the order is selected, the user may go
ahead and place the order. The staff then processed the order.


The user may even know the time status of
their order so that the customer may know when to expect their food to land up
on their table.


Manager can update, add, delete items from
menu. Also inform the unavailability of food item.

3.1.3 Algorithm:

The  apriori algorithm is an innovative feature
that  is included in our menu. When most
tablet menus provide the customers with only a simple menu, this system. will
provide recommendations which will make it easier to build an order considering
what other customers have ordered previously.


3.1.4 Modules:

This project
consists of 2 main modules as follows:


User Tablet(module 1)

Each table consist
of tablet. Tablet contains all menu items. These tablets will consist of the
whole menu of the restaurant. The items in the menu are not editable for the
users. They enabled with the Wi-Fi connectivity. User  should be able to operate all the functions


Kitchen Display(module 2)

  It is presented at the kitchen near chef so
that he should be able to see what a particular user has ordered.  All the ordered items are displayed on the


3.1.4 Features overview:


Intuitive & User
friendly :

The end users, i.e. the
restaurant customers, will have maximum interaction with this system. This
interaction will mostly occur through the tablet. Unlike most applications that
have a targeted user base, our application will be used by all. This system ensures
design that is intuitive and user friendly  thus making it a pleasure to use.



The system has the potential
of being used by many  users at any given
time, with possible peaks at various rush hours at the restaurant. This
system  is  scalable and is able to accommodate many users.


Ø  Menus
are presented in pictorial form. Menu is organized in an
attractive way.

Ø  There
are images of every food item which will make the view more clear about how the
food will look like after delivery.


The success of the our
system is based on the following assumptions that:


Ø  End users should be able to
use tablets.

Ø  Network connection will
always remain stable.

Ø  Security of server is

Ø  Tablets should work properly. 

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