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University is an institution that embodies elements of six core values, which
aid in structuring the moral and cultural framework of its student-faculty body
and surrounding communities. These precepts are incorporated into the student
learning environment and promote the development of dynamic students, who are
thereafter able to thrive within a collaborative environment.

Socially Merciful –
First and foremost, this institution continues to uphold its civic duty by
welcoming prospective students of all demographics to advance their education.

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Regardless of one’s gender, age, income level, ethnicity, or disability status;
Mercyhurst focuses on treating internal and external communities with genuine
compassion and generosity. Our inclusive nature enables individuals to
establish that “Hurst is home”.

Globally Responsible-
Outside the perimeters of campus, our community of educated students and faculty
are determined to grow, maintain, and restore hope in the eyes of those other
than ourselves. As an interconnected group of like-minded individuals,
Mercyhurst is globally responsible by creating opportunities for marginalized
citizens while upholding ethical values. This enables us to seek activism
efforts when deemed necessary and abstain from infringing the rights of others.

Hospitable- The Mercyhurst community conveys
compassionate hospitality by granting others the value, dignity, and support
they deserve. As a Catholic institution, we openly accept God’s gift of mercy,
and therefore continue to hospitably offer the gifts that God granted us to
others. Ultimately, people should not be ashamed of who they are. This
institution openly sympathizes with others by being selfless, reaching out to
others, regarding everyone as equal, rejecting all forms of discrimination, and
treating everyone as fully human.

 Intellectually Creativity- Academically,
the array of courses offered at Mercyhurst are designed to help students
cultivate a well-rounded perspective. Courses such as religion, ethics,
philosophy, language, and political science are available to students throughout
the year. Completing these courses allows students to become visionaries and
therefore discover their strengths, abilities, and interests. In addition,
well-educated professors, who care about the wellbeing of their students, teach
students to expose their minds to numerous possibilities and innovative strategies
that can be utilized in real world environments.

Reflectively Aware- As
a community of like-minded intellects, we are self-aware that our behaviors and
actions directly affect the broader community. Discernment and self-control
enable the Mercyhurst community to lead by example, which involve displaying
positive conduct, showing honor to those in authority, and respecting the
beliefs of others.  This institution has
the utmost consideration for the beliefs and options of others.

of Service- Lastly, Mercyhurst University is a
reputable campus with a shared vision to promote positive social change and
inspire communities to seek hope, joy, and faith as they work to achieve goals.

The Sisters of Mercy made a moral commitment to serve the less fortunate and
uneducated who lack the fundamental recourses needed to succeed. As ambassadors
of service, we are determined to put the welfare of others before our own in
order to seek a prosperous future for humanity.


Ambassadors of Service- Mercyhurst
University is an institution that highly values service efforts through
community outreach and volunteering. Our Catholic-based morals reinforces
Mercyhurst’s servanthood moral identity, which was originally established by
that the Sisters of Mercy in 1926. In order to unify communities and restore hope
to vulnerable populations, students and faculty members dedicate their time to
aid minorities and underprivileged communities. Our institution envisions the potential
and prosperity that could arise from improving the quality of life for populations
throughout the Midwestern region.

influences broader communities through restoration projects and community
service involvement at a regional and international level. Whether in the
classroom or in a third world county such as Haiti or Guyana, this institution
continues to expand its perimeters of moral concern. Throughout the years, our
Ambassador of Service culture has taken on numerous forms. At the beginning of
every school year, freshman, athletes, and faculty members participate in the
“Day of Service”, which enables Mercyhurst to unify as one to volunteer and
help the greater good of society. After the school year has commenced, various
study abroad and Introduction to Mercyhurst University (IMU) courses allow
students to earn credit hours partaking in international excursions as
missionaries or participate in regional volunteer endeavors with homeless or
underprivileged children within the Erie community.

Mercyhurst students can get involved by joining Recognized Student
Clubs/Organizations (RSCOs), such as the Public Health Club, Circle K, and
Habitat for Humanity, around campus that support local organizations beyond the
academic environment. Many clubs volunteer and raise funds for the Special
Olympics, Polar Plunge, Relay for Life, the ESO Dance, Second Harvest Food
Bank, Salvation Army, and the Soldiers and Sailors Veteran Home. Lastly, Campus
Ministry and Service Learning offer students service opportunities at a local
soup kitchen every Saturday morning, Meals-On-Wheels driving opportunities,
Thanksgiving food distributions events, and even alternative Spring Break

a student-faculty body, Mercyhurst utilizes ingenuity and effort to not only
help the economically poor, but also victims (sexual and violence related),
minorities, and the sick. Our unwavering morals and desire to be Christ-like
enable this institution to cultivate sympathy and respect for others in order
to pursue justice, empathize with one another, and accept all individuals as
fully human.









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