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Hanna Simpson


Concern over implantation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips

January 28th 2018



I am writing to express my deep concern over the security directive by
management. As a security measure, the administration of the company has
recently required all employees to have RFID chips implanted in their hand in
preparation for an upcoming project. The chip will allow the employees to
access secure location within the organization, use company equipment and log
on to computers at work. It comes as a response to a recent security breach
that may have led to the company losing laptop computers. That directive has
raised a major ethical concern to me, and I would kindly like to request for an

starters, the management did not make and inquiry of how the employees would be
comfortable with the directive. It would have been fair if the management first
conducted a survey to inquire the position of its employees over the same. The
matter is more personal than it is organizational and I think the opinion and
beliefs of the individual’s matter in the final decision.

chip would be an infringement of personal confidentiality and privacy (Schmidt & Kessler, 2013). As
an employee, I have a right to be allowed a given level of privacy on the
premises and a higher level of privacy outside the premises. I appreciate the
security measure but am not sure of the chip not now or eventually being used
as a tracking device. That would break the work-life balance that has been
established by this organization. Either way, my religion, and tradition do not
allow me to pierce or implant things in my body. In the interest of the
diversity endeavors of the organization, it would be unethical to make
employees implant the chip against their will and contrary to their beliefs (Schmidt & Kessler, 2013).

is also the issue of health implications that could be caused by the chip
implantation (Schmidt &
Kessler, 2013). People’s bodies respond differently to changes in them.
The implantation of the chip could lead to health issues such as allergies. It
would also endanger health since it is a radio wave emitter. The emission could
be a major risk to mine and other employee’s health.

a result, allow me to kind recommend that the organization picks an alternative
security measure for the sake of the new project. They could use other
personalized security measures such as biometric scanners for the entry and
login processes. Biometric scanners could include fingerprint scanners and eyes
scanner that have a uniqueness to individuals and they lead to not privacy
issue since the employees they emit no signal. They also reduce the health
risks faced by their bearers regarding piercings and emissions.

the organization could also conduct a survey and implement the RFID chip
security first to those willing and maintain the other security measures with
those the find it unethical. Since the opinion of the employee is paramount to
what should be done on their bodies, it is fair for the organization to
implement the chips only on willing members. They should also make sure to
provide access options to those that may miss having the chips implanted. That
would, however, lead to differential treatment regarding access capabilities
and it could be expensive for the organization to run both security measures
simultaneously. Therefore, I recommend that they use biometric scanning instead
since it is as strong. By so doing, they will conform to the rights of their
employees as well as their responsibility. Kindly consider the concerns.






Schmidt, E. W., & Kessler, V. (2013, June).
Ethical Implications of RFID and Internet of Things seen from a Christian Perspective.
In Smart Objects, Systems and
Technologies (SmartSysTech), Proceedings of 2013 European Conference on (pp. 1-5). VDE.


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