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Mein Name ist Blake Oberg. Ich lebe in Mishawaka, Indiana, und ich besuche die katholische Schule der Königin des Friedens und für die High School werde ich Marian High School besuchen. Ich bin in der achten Klasse. Ich schreibe einen Forschungsbericht über mein Familienerbe. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß beim Lesen. Our family history starts in Frille, Germany. Sophie Luise Eleanor Schwartz was born on January 27, 1849 in Frille, Germany. She was the youngest of seven children. Then, the Schwartz family went on a voyage with thousands of other Germans to go to the United States. They chose to stay in the New West (now the Midwest). They left Germany most likely because of the economic problems there and so they could own their own land, and to acquire a fortune. The voyage was awful. After the long and rugged trip by sailboat, the Schwartz family along with their few possessions arrived at east coast (probably New York City or Baltimore) and from there made their way to Indianapolis and then on to Hancock County, Indiana. Their route to Indianapolis is not known for certain, but many of the German families came by way of canal and river boats to Cincinnati and then overland to Indianapolis. The Schwartz family most likely drove a horse-drawn wagon over planks on the National Road (U.S. 40), first cut through the county in 1835. Within hours of the Schwartz arrival in Indianapolis, the father Karl was stricken with typhoid fever. He died two days after he arrived at what he had seen as the land of opportunity. When Eleanor turned twenty-two years old, she met and married Christian Friedrich Anton Ostermeier. They had a son named Gottlieb. He married Sophia nee Miller. Together they purchased 80 acres of unimproved land in the southeast corner of section 13 and cleared a small area where he built a barn and log cabin. Then he purchased 140 acres of partially cleared land in Section 7 and 8 in Sugar Creek Township that lay to the east of his original land. Gottlieb and Sophie had a large family and wanted to help the younger sons as well as the first-born. The land for over a hundred years our family’s story will often center around farming. Ellen and Christian had a son named Charles Gottlieb, his middle name was in honor of his grandfather. He was born on January 13, 1872 and died only a few months later on April 1, 1872. Then their family grew with the birth of a second son, William Henry, born on May 17, 1873. Several years after Gottlieb’s death, Sophie decided she would leave the farm and live in Cumberland during her retirement years. Then for many more years they continued the legacy. That’s when my grandma Susan Jo Perkins was born. I am related to them because of Susan Jo Perkins (my mother’s side). That is how I am related to the Ostermeier’s. Now, listen to what happened to this Germany Mayor.A German Mayor who welcomed refugees was stabbed by angry resident. This German town is in the spotlight for its treatment of refugees. The angry citizen stabbed him in the neck because of his open door policies. The man who stabbed the mayor was wrestled to the ground. The men who wrestled him to the ground was the owner of a kebab stand and his son. This man is a suspect for attempted murder. The German Mayor, Mr. Hollstein was not the only person who was targeted for these reasons. Now lets see why these migrant were arrested in Germany. Germany arrested six migrants from Syria for suspected plotting of an attack on November 21, 2017. Police said the men were posing as refugees. They were planning an attack with weapons or explosives. They were planning to attack a Christmas market in Essen, Germany. People all over the world are posing as refugees from other countries. Many countries have been making the immigration rules more strict. Germany is beginning to be more cautious about the attacks and will hopefully be more prepared next time. Now for some Christmas traditions in Germany.Also, Germany has some very interesting Christmas traditions. They do a similar thing as Christians, they light a candle at the beginning of each week during the Christmas season. A very important thing in Germany is the Christmas Tree. In Germany they were first used in the Middle Ages. If there is children in the house the tree is normally decorated secretly. Some places in Germany would read a Bible or sing Christmas songs such as Silent Night. In Germany, Christmas Eve is usually when families exchange presents. Now lets see what Germany worships. Now for some Christmas Worship. Germany is mostly Christian. Some kids in Germany write to ‘das Christkind asking for presents. The letters are sugar glued to an envelope to make them attractive and sparkly, then they leave it on the window sill at the beginning or during Advent.  They also celebrate Christmas as a church festival. Christkind translated to English means “The Christ Child”. They don’t think Christkind as baby Jesus though. They think of Christkind as a young girl so they pick a young girl every year to participate in the parade as Christkind. Their decorations are a big part in Germany.The most famous decoration from Germany are glass ornaments. They make a wreath out of Fir Tree branches with 24 decorated boxes and bags. They also use many different types of Advent Calendars around the house. They also decorate with Nutcrackers and Rauchermen. They also use Christmas Pyramids. Now for some German foods. Now onto Christmas foods. A Christmas food that is famous in Germany is the Stollen. Some foods that are often served at the Christmas dinner are Carp and Goose. They also have potato dumplings, red cabbage, and sausage stuffing. A dinner food is the fruit cake. Also they eat gingerbread or in german known as Lebkuchen and other various foods.

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