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Meditation is a
practice wherein people focus their mind on a particular thing, for achieving a
stress-free and an emotionally calm state. With stress management, it is also
known as a powerful healing tool.

 Also known as Transcendental Meditation, the Vedic technique has been
practiced for more than thousands of years and has its origins in ancient
India. Vedic meditation is specially designed for people, who are busy in their
lives and don’t get enough time for them. This helps them sleep and focus
better, react to stressful situations more calmly, and actually start enjoying
their life.

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How to practice transcendental meditation

Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced with closed eyes and sitting
comfortably, and gently enchanting mantra twice a day for 15-20 minutes. This
is done to naturally settle the mind and body into a state of deep rest. The
state of mind that goes beyond thought is referred to as transcending. People
who meditate describe this state as supreme inner satisfaction.

transcendental meditation technique does not involve concentration, or forced
chanting of mantra that is its “key feature”. It doesn’t require any proper
training or learning how to develop a way of paying attention to or
concentrating on thought or activity, as is the case with other types of
meditation. This process is easy, pleasant, enjoyable, and require no focus.

Because of these features, it can be practiced by anyone, anywhere
successfully, without any complex learning procedure.

Do it yourself transcendental meditation

A DIY version of
transcendental meditation is basically same as TM and offer similar benefits as

Here are steps
how to DIY transcendental meditation.

Choose a mantra of your own
choice. Let’s say “Om”.

Look for a serene place. Sit in
a good position and Relax. 

Deeply observe your breath
flowing through your body.

Get mantra to mind and
visualize it.

Let the mantra flow where it

Start reciting the mantra while
meditating on the sound.

Feel the mantra reverberate
within you.

Repeat your mantra 108 times
while meditating on it.

End significantly and express
gratefulness for the meditation session.


Transcendental meditation cost

Transcendental Meditation
is a completely standardized meditation technique. For becoming a proficient
practitioner, one learns a precise way to meditate from a highly trained
instructor who can teach the proper technique in an accurate way.

Lifetime benefits

It includes personal one on one

Ongoing support and follow up

Meditation is
for anyone and everyone. If you feel like your mind is always active and your
body is uneasy to sit, then you actually an ideal candidate for this
meditation. You don’t need to be calm or stop thinking, try to sit still for
that matter. Vedic meditation effortlessly settles the mind and body in the most
natural and instant way.

Personal and
standardized instruction ensures that the practice is well established in the
new meditator so that people enjoy its effortless and easy nature. The estimated
cost of instruction is $960 for adults. For full-time college students the cost
is $480, and for students in high school and under its $360. 

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