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Medicinal plants are using from generation to generation for hundreds of years as part of traditional folklore medicines. It used for medicine because of easily available and inexpensive. Phytoconstituents are useful as drugs in terms of broad spectrum activity for many microorganisms that lead to treating many microbial diseases such as skin infections. The antimicrobial activities of plant extracts consist many phytochemical components, including flavonoids and alkaloid compounds 20. Figure 3 shows the antibacterial activity of the control drug penicillin and ethyl acetate extract of Couropita guianensis on selected human bacterial pathogens. The plant extract shows more significant effects on the pathogens as compared to penicillin in particularly the ethyl acetate extract of Couropita guianensis shows the considerable antibacterial efficacy on P.aeroginosa, B.cereus and S.flexneri as compared to S.typhi and E.coli. Figure 4 shows the minimum fungicidal concentration of the control drug Penicillin and ethyl acetate extract of the medicinal plant Couropita guianensis against selected human fungal pathogens. Ethyl acetate extract of C.guianensis shows significant efficacy against fungal pathogens especially Mucor sp, Candida albicans and A.fumigatus as compared to A.niger and A.flavus this indicates that the plant extract possesses the strong antifungal activity. Plant extracts or plant-based compounds are likely to provide a highly valuable source of new medicinal agents 21. Infectious diseases, especially skin diseases and mucosal infections, are most common in developing nations because of awareness and lack of sanitation. A clinically important group of these pathogens are the fungi and bacteria 22. Antimicrobial potentials of certain Indian traditional medicinal plants were reported based on folklore information and a few attempts were made on inhibitory activity against certain pathogenic bacteria and fungi 23. The present study emphasizes that the antibacterial and antifungal activity of couropita guianensis on selected human pathogens due to the presence of various phytochemical compounds and their antioxidant potential.


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The identification of different biologically active compounds in the ethyl acetate extract of a medicinal plant Couropita guianensis and their role in antimicrobial efficacy on selected human pathogens warrants further biological and pharmacological studies.


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